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Why Splashtop Is an Ideal End-of-Year Purchase for Your IT Help Desk

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With the end of 2021 approaching fast, there's more than just presents to wrap up. You, like many IT help desk managers, have probably found a bit of extra money left in your support budget. Money that you must "use or lose" by the end of the year. While this is a common occurrence across departments, the changes to support needs driven by work-from-home initiatives provide ample reason for support/help desk managers to put their leftover budget to good use.

Consider The Strategic Need to Optimize Remote Support

As you decide how you could (or should) ultimately spend your remaining budget, consider how the new norm of remote work and remote support are vital to your organization’s success in 2022. Gartner’s recent survey of 317 CFOs and business leaders revealed that 74% plan to transition their on-site workforce to a permanently remote one in the post-COVID era.

Not surprisingly, as companies scrambled to ‘go remote’ over the last 18 months, they granted employees remote access and allowed work from home. They did so without fully preparing the help desk to support remote workers and the wide array of devices they are using to perform their work.

By enabling remote support – more specifically a remote support tool that provides ultimate user flexibility – you as a support manager can drive productivity across the organization. Simultaneously, better-supported workers and well-equipped support staff report having much higher morale. For instance, a Catalyst survey of workers found that women with child-care responsibilities are 32% less likely to leave their jobs when they have robust remote work options.

How Much of Your Leftover Budget Do You Need?

Happily, not much at all! As an example, you can provide both on-demand remote support and attended remote support using Splashtop SOS for just $219 for a full year (per concurrent help desk technician). That includes the capability for each technician to support unlimited user devices on demand – even devices that are not managed by your organization. This investment will go a long way toward pleasing both support staff and users by incorporating the following features:

  • Access with session code

  • High performance

  • Two users into one computer

  • ‘Share my desktop’ feature

  • Support for iOS and Android devices

  • Robust security

  • File transfer (including Drag-and-Drop)

  • Remote reboot and reconnect

  • Session recording

  • Custom branding

  • Multi-monitor support

  • Chat

  • User management

  • PSA ticketing and ITSM integration

Visit our Splashtop SOS product page to see all available cost-efficient options for unlimited, on-demand remote support (plus additional access to unattended computers).

Small Spend, Big ROI

Compared to other purchases, investing in technology that enables you to easily provide live, on-demand and unattended remote support delivers instant efficiencies and revenue-growth possibilities. On the cost side, your existing staff will be able to serve more users simultaneously. This is thanks to much speedier time to resolution (TTR).

When an end user has an issue, the support team member can access the user device using a 9 digit code (even BYOD devices). TTR drops dramatically when your support technicians can view everything on the end-user device – no more trying to figure things out via phone calls and verbal descriptions that last far longer.

Splashtop delivers additional resource savings resulting from the technology’s simplicity. Your entire support team can have the solution up and running at lightning speed.

Make an Even Bigger Impact with Service Desk Capabilities

So, you have a little more leftover budget than anticipated? You can use Splashtop Enterprise’s service desk solution to create better experiences for both your end users and support technicians. Additional ROI results from three major areas of impact:

  • Increased Technician Efficiency with Powerful Routing and Organization

  • Faster Resolution (TTR) with Technician Collaboration

  • Enhanced Customer Support

Just recently, Splashtop introduced a wide range of advanced service desk features to manage support workflows more effectively and optimize experiences.

Finally, a little bit of extra spend this year could result in additional savings next year. That’s because Splashtop’s simplicity often leads organizations to consolidate or replace their existing, disparate tools in favor of a streamlined support process.

Adopt Splashtop, Earn Bragging Rights

Ensure your support team knows they're valued this year by making their job easier. Highlight a few cases from your early deployment to demonstrate how much everyone will gain by embracing this simplified version of remote support. It will be an all-around win for your IT help desk and remote workers. And to think, all it takes to make it happen is your leftover 2021 budget.

On-demand attended and unattended remote support solution for IT, support and help desks

Splashtop SOS: The Best On-Demand Remote Support Solution
Splashtop SOS: The Best On-Demand Remote Support Solution

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