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Justice Department Develops Task Force to Target Ransomware

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The Justice Department has made preventing ransomware a top priority. The Wall Street Journal reported on April 21 this year that "The Justice Department has formed a task force to curtail the proliferation of ransomware cyberattacks, in a bid to make the popular extortion schemes less lucrative by targeting the entire digital ecosystem that supports them.”

The task force will increase training and dedicate more of the Justice Department’s resources toward curtailing ransomware attacks on US businesses. This comes as 2020 was the worst year for ransomware attacks in the US.

With more people working from home and being dependent on technology as a result of the pandemic, ransomware attacks have surged in the past year. Ransomware attackers frequently target businesses using VPN and RDP software for remote workers, which can leave businesses vulnerable to attacks.

Just recently, The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency confirmed that a number of federal agencies were compromised through vulnerabilities found in VPN software made by Pulse Connect Secure.

The Justice Department’s task force will work to protect individuals and businesses from ransomware attacks before they happen, stating that they will focus on finding “innovative uses of legal authorities…to protect victims before they are victimized.”

How Splashtop Helps Protect Businesses from Ransomware

Splashtop is the best VPN and RDP alternative. Splashtop remote access software is far more secure than VPN and RDP, helping prevent ransomware attacks while giving remote workers a safe and reliable way to access to their work computers.

Splashtop protects businesses through end-to-end encrypted remote connections, which is backed by a secure infrastructure with 24/7 intrusion prevention.

Splashtop also equips users with multiple advanced security features, including device authentication, multi-factor authentication, single sign-on (SSO), automatic logging, session recording, and more. Endpoint security integrations are available for an extra layer of protection.

Security is a never-ending task, which is why Splashtop has invested millions to ensure customers are well protected against cyberthreats. Splashtop also formed a Security Advisory Council, and launched a Security Bulletin to help IT pros and MSPs stay on top of latest vulnerabilities.

Find out more about Splashtop remote access security practices.

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