Splashtop Investing Heavily to Ensure Secure Remote Access

With the increase in remote work heightening cybersecurity risks, Splashtop has invested millions into its security infrastructure, and formed a Security Advisory Council filled with today’s leading cybersecurity experts.

Splashtop is investing heavily in secure remote access

Since day one, security has been Splashtop’s top priority.

Splashtop’s remote access and remote support solutions have been used by more than 30 million people, with millions more devices being used for remote connections. Those numbers have only increased since COVID-19 shut down businesses and schools. Business professionals are using Splashtop remote desktop software to connect to their office computers to work from home, while educational institutions are using Splashtop to enhance distance learning by enabling students to remote control lab computers from their personal devices at home.

With Splashtop being counted on by so many people, businesses, schools, and universities, it is of the upmost importance that users are able to depend on Splashtop’s ability to protect their sensitive information, data, and privacy.

That’s why we at Splashtop take security so seriously, and why we’re making big investments to continually improve our infrastructure and security measures. Plus, we’ve assembled the world’s leading experts in cybersecurity and compliance to help us further secure our platform.

Splashtop’s Security Advisory Council

Splashtop has just announced the formation of its Security Advisory Council. The council will help guide Splashtop in achieving its rigorous security and compliance goals.

Each member of the council possess unique experience and skillsets when it comes to cybersecurity. The council will be able to provide Splashtop with guidance on best security practices, recommend specific tools such as for advanced endpoint security, and help establish appropriate risk assessment and compliance processes.

Members of the Security Advisory Council include:

  • Ronn Brashear, VP Engineering, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)
  • David Hahn, Chief Information Security Officer, CDK Global
  • Michael McAndrews, VP of Network Security Services, PacketWatch
  • Terry O’Daniel, Head of Security Assurance, Netflix
  • Rick Orloff, Strategic Security Advisor
  • Rob Ragan, Principal Security Researcher, Bishop Fox
  • Justin Somaini, Chief Security Officer, Unity Technologies

See Splashtop’s announcement on the formation of the Security Advisory Council to learn more about the backgrounds and experience of each member.

Remote Access Security Remains Splashtop’s Top Priority

“Security is something that is never ‘done’; it’s a constant effort to keep up with ever-evolving threats,” says Mark Lee, CEO of Splashtop. With that in mind, Splashtop has invested millions in running and further enhancing its infrastructure.

Splashtop constantly scans its remote access and remote support products to ensure their integrity. Splashtop also works with top-notch security firms to conduct audits regularly.

Splashtop supplements its internal processes with consulting and services from external security firms such as AWS Professional Services, PacketWatch, Bishop Fox, Improsec A/S, CrowdStrike and A-LIGN(plus crowdsourced input from Bugcrowd) to conduct continued audits and analyses of Splashtop systems and products.

Recently, Splashtop deployed its infrastructure to multiple cloud providers to reduce the risk of service availability dependency on single provider. Splashtop also achieved SOC 2 Type 2 Certification this year and greatly elevated the security posture of its cloud infrastructure.

Splashtop is also leading the charge to deliver a secure, zero trust remote access platform. Research firm Gartner believes that VPNs will be phased out by 60% of enterprise in favor zero trust network access solutions.

“We owe it to our current and future customers to do everything in our power to make Splashtop’s remote access and remote support offerings as secure as they can be,” said Lee.

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