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IT Support Staff Shortage? Address It with Splashtop

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According to ZDNet’s recent article, The shortage of tech workers is about to become an even bigger problem for everyone. As companies switched to remote working in 2020, it created a strong need for IT infrastructure that could support a fully virtual workforce. That led to a talent shortage in IT support and help desks.

Gartner projects even more pain ahead, and in September 2021, the IT analyst firm released survey results that demonstrate the extent of the IT talent shortage. Yinuo Geng, research vice president at Gartner, had this to say about the situation: “The ongoing push toward remote work and the acceleration of hiring plans in 2021 has exacerbated IT talent scarcity.”

For IT leaders, the best way to offset a staff shortage is to use a remote IT support solution that is incredibly simple to both deploy and use. When you have that, your support staff can throw away their car keys, work from home or anywhere they choose, and still support an unlimited number of remote and hybrid workers.

Customer use cases for optimizing support with fewer staff

Many Splashtop customers leverage our solutions to do more with fewer staff in this challenging time. The following are statements from several of them that address the most pressing support needs today.

When you just don’t have the staff available

Virginia Tech addresses that core issue with Splashtop. “Our workload has grown so much [due to staff changes] that we have to do things by phone a lot or working from the office with Splashtop. Remote support makes it a whole lot quicker to fix your problem now than to wait for someone to be there in two weeks.” – IT Support Specialist Edward O’Dell, Virginia Tech

One of the IT technicians at Virginia Tech has used Splashtop over 1,900 times. He used to travel almost 100% of the time, and now barely travels at all.

“Even when addressing something where he could walk people through over the phone, sometimes it is just quicker to do it for them with Splashtop.” – IT Support Specialist Edward O’Dell, Virginia Tech


When you need to ensure productivity and work-life-balance in your hybrid workplace

Boxel Studio was determined to implement a flexible workplace for its employees to improve work-life balance, without compromising on productivity.

“Splashtop, and I’m not exaggerating, took 80% of our IT department’s manual workload.” – Andres Reyes, Chief Technology Officer, Boxel Studio

With Splashtop, Boxel Studio was able to increase employee satisfaction, while reducing costs and improving the productivity of its global workforce.


When supporting geographically dispersed customers

“Using Splashtop, we can acquire information securely and more accurately from customers than before without losing any time, and quickly take the required next step on the customer’s equipment. Using Splashtop for remote support has significantly reduced the burden on our technicians as well as customers.” – Mr. Masui, Chief of Information Services, Yamaha Surface Mount Technology


When you need secure multi-user support

The IT team at ABCis had been using another remote access solution to install and support their software on customers’ computers. However, it lacked the security measures needed for a multi-user environment.

“[The other solution] doesn’t provide the ability to manage users which is a concern for us as we have to have shared passwords for unattended access. It’s not at all ideal. We have no way to lock down access should one of our team members leave the company. We started looking for an alternative solution that had multi-user support and provided much better security.” Braeden Saxon, Integrated Systems Manager, ABCis

Now with Splashtop, ABCis enjoys robust security features and their technicians have individual accounts for attended and unattended use. On top of that, account admins can manage team members’ access permissions and privileges at a granular level.


Splashtop solutions for IT support and help desk

Splashtop is the very definition of simplicity and flexibility for IT environments. We have two solutions specifically designed for IT teams. Splashtop SOS simplifies your help desk workflow with on-demand remote support. Splashtop Enterprise offers more flexibility and control as an all-in-one remote access solution for today’s IT and help desk teams.

Splashtop SOS

  • Provide attended ‘help desk’ remote support

  • Connect the moment your user needs help with a simple 9-digit session code

  • Provide unattended remote support with SOS+10 and SOS Unlimited

  • Pay per concurrent technician

  • Support an unlimited number of end-user devices

  • Support Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices

Splashtop Enterprise

  • Provide attended and unattended remote support

  • Provide end-users with remote access to work computers

  • Get single sign-on integration, granular privilege control, group-based access permission, scheduled access, and more

  • Flexible licensing – choose remote access end-user and/or remote support technician licenses

  • Pay per concurrent technician and per end-user


To find out which Splashtop product is best for your IT team visit our

IT Support Remote Control Software Page


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