ABCis uses Splashtop SOS to provide attended and unattended support to clients in the retail space


The IT team at ABCis supports around 1,500 customers who use ABCis products and services. The team requires a remote access solution to install and efficiently support their software that runs on customers’ computers.

Before the IT team chose Splashtop, they tried other remote access solutions that didn’t suit their needs. We spoke to Braeden Saxon, Integrated Systems Manager at ABCis to hear the whole story.

The Challenge: Finding a Secure Remote Access Solution with Multi-User Support

The IT team at ABCis had been using AnyDesk to remotely access their customers’ computers. However, AnyDesk lacked sufficient security measures, especially when it came to a multi-user environment. Saxon said, “AnyDesk doesn’t provide the ability to manage users which is a concern for us as we have to have shared passwords for unattended access. It’s not at all ideal. We have no way to lock down access should one of our team members leave the company. We started looking for an alternative solution that had multi-user support and provided much better security.”

During the search for a solution to replace AnyDesk, the IT team tried LogMeIn, TeamViewer, and other remote access solutions, but didn’t find what they were looking for – a cost-effective solution that would enable the team to securely and effectively support their customers.

That is when Saxon saw that another Australian software provider, Independent Solutions, had recently switched from LogMeIn Rescue to Splashtop.

ABCis Finds Splashtop: Remote Support Solution with Robust Security and User Management Capabilities

Saxon reached out to the support desk at Independent Solutions to enquire about Splashtop, and get their feedback. They had nothing but positive things to say about Splashtop, and said they are glad they switched.

Thereafter, when the IT team at ABCis tried Splashtop, they were happy that Splashtop met all their remote access needs. Saxon said, “We had a good look at Splashtop’s unattended access and on-demand one-time access, and we were quite impressed. I come from a background in IT support and have used LogMeIn Central, LogMeIn Rescue, and TeamViewer. So, I am very familiar with the features each platform provides and I am happy to say that Splashtop ticks all of my boxes.”

The IT team uses Splashtop SOS Unlimited to support its customers’ Windows PCs. They use on-demand remote access to install and support their software. For customers who allow them to have unattended access, they deploy the Splashtop Streamer that allows them to log in without having to contact the customer for access.

Saxon and his colleagues found Splashtop features very well suited to their needs:

Attended on-demand access as well as unattended access
With Splashtop SOS Unlimited, technicians can access unlimited attended computers and mobile devices, as well as unlimited unattended computers.

Multi-user support and security features
Technicians have individual accounts for attended and unattended use. Splashtop account admins can manage team members’ access permissions and privileges at a granular level. Comprehensive logging of remote session activity along with other robust security features enable users to securely support their customers.

Integrated chat function
Technicians can chat with the end-user during a remote session.

File transfer
Technicians can easily and securely drag-and-drop files between the devices.

Easy, automated remote deployment
Saxon said, “The implementation and set-up process was easy and intuitive. We had a lot of unattended access configured with AnyDesk and each of these was set up manually. We were able to leverage Splashtop’s remote deployment to quickly and easily migrate our AnyDesk connections to Splashtop.” He went on to say, “We have a command server which we use to remotely deploy the Splashtop Streamer. The remote deployment ability has been a lifesaver for us.”

Saxon concluded by saying, “Splashtop has made it very easy to continue to support our customers. It is competitively priced and has all the features we were looking for.”


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ABCis a SaaS provider that works with clients in the retail space and provides ongoing solutions that help improve the day to day operations of their stores. This is done through a combination of experience, analysis, data manipulation, process change, and technology adoption.

“Splashtop has made it very easy to continue to support our customers. It is competitively priced and has all the features we were looking for.”
Braeden Saxon
Integrated Systems Manager

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The ABCis Team

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At just $34 per month per concurrent technician, Splashtop SOS Unlimited enables IT teams to support unlimited computers and mobile devices on-demand, using a 9-digit session code. Technicians can also remotely access unlimited unattended computers and provide support.

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