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How IT Teams can Benefit from Implementing Anywhere Operations

By Splashtop Team
4 minute read


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According to Gartner, anywhere operations was among the Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2021. While the concept and practice of anywhere operations were spurred on by the pandemic, Gartner says that anywhere operations will be most needed once the pandemic crisis subsides.

Anywhere Operations is a model for organizing an IT team to support a distributed workforce. It involves IT implementing technologies to deliver secure remote workplaces; provide support to employees, customers and partners; and virtually deploy products and services from anywhere.

The Gartner report noted that organizations will face new customer expectations and digital transformation needs in the post-pandemic period. The analysts wrote, “IT leaders must adopt an anywhere operations business operating model to reach customers anywhere, enable employees anywhere and deliver business services anywhere.”

Modern Remote Access is A Core Building Block of Anywhere Operations

A modern remote access solution, like Splashtop, serves as the ideal foundation for getting started with an anywhere operations strategy. It's easy to see why. Splashtop Enterprise incorporates anywhere support, advanced security for remote workplaces and integration with popular, complementary solutions, expanding the value of a distributed workforce.

These capabilities align perfectly with Gartner's anywhere operations recommendations to IT leaders responsible for infrastructure, operations, and cloud management, including:

  • Make digital the default experience and remote the default delivery model

  • Prioritize secure access

  • Provide a seamless digital experience across physical and virtual spaces by enabling location-independent workflows

The end results, Gartner says, is that the blend of virtual and physical experiences will lead to increased workforce productivity and customer reach.

"A digital-first, remote-first operating model enables greater operational efficiency, improves worker productivity and democratizes access to a diverse and geographically distributed workforce.” - Gartner.

4 Benefits of Implementing Anywhere Operations

With Gartner predicting that 40% of companies will implement anywhere operations by 2023, it's worth reviewing the projected benefits in a little more detail.

Benefit #1: Employee productivity and job satisfaction.

Companies that provide a telecommuting option (enabled by remote access and remote support) have delivered impressive productivity gains in recent years. People have realized throughout the pandemic that they highly value work-life balance. Secure remote access enables them to perform their work and support customers from anywhere.

It's also noteworthy that anywhere operations can expand your employee recruitment capabilities. Having robust, remote workplaces makes it much easier for your HR recruiters to hire the best staff to suit your needs - regardless of where they are located.

Benefit #2: Custom-branded 24x7 remote support for employees and customers.

Splashtop Enterprise allows you to customize the support app with your branding while providing both unattended and attended support. Unattended support enables IT technicians to support any employee at any time - even when they're away from their computer. Attended support gives your employees instant support on any device - including devices that aren't company-issued.

Supporting customers becomes much easier when your account managers, IT support, customer support and sales professionals are strategically located across geographies. The service desk features within Splashtop, enable you to maintain a well-organized, distributed support team. Customer requests can be routed to the appropriate technician, and experts can be called upon whenever higher support tiers are needed. Advanced team management features make it secure and easy for IT to effectively support customers, associates and fellow employees.

Benefit #3: Better collaboration and productivity.

It almost goes without saying, but when users can access their office computer, data and apps on a 24x7 basis, collaboration improves.

As an example, a production studio is working under a tight deadline to deliver a customer's video. But, at the end of the day the final video still needs to render for several more hours - not a problem with remote access. The project lead can leave the office on time and remotely send the completed video file later that evening. The customer is pleased with the rapid delivery, and the project lead strikes a work-life balance.

Benefit #4: Cost-efficient operations, fast.

Universities, governments and businesses have all come to realize that digital transformation is critical to their medium- and long-term success and competitive position in the market. Yet, many organizations have struggled to achieve short-term wins that support broad, long-term digital transformation goals.

A modern remote access solution overcomes that challenge. IT can implement Splashtop in just a matter of days, even hours, and begin to see immediate results. That's because Splashtop provides out-of-the-box solutions that will seamlessly fit within your existing environment. To learn how easy it is, read these two customer success stories: BDP gives users remote access in 48 hours and TechCastles rapidly enables remote film production.

Conclusion: Start Smart and Grow into Anywhere Operations

Major advances like digital transformation happen one step at a time, but it's easier with the right solutions. IT leaders who have tried to 'boil the ocean' with complex solutions have paid the price in failed implementations and customer/employee dissatisfaction. This is why modern remote access serves as the ideal foundation to your anywhere operations strategy. It's fast, easy and highly cost-efficient; transforming customer and employee experience for the better in a short period of time.

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