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IT Manager configuring employee's remote access permissions with Splashtop
Working Remotely

Enable Employee Remote Access with Splashtop

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No need to set up a complicated and unsecure VPN. Give employees secure remote access to their work computers with Splashtop.

Setting up your employees for working remotely can seem like a time-consuming, unsecure, and expensive task. But with Splashtop, you can quickly, easily, and securely enable your employees to remotely access their workstations from anywhere at the best value.

How to enable employee remote access with Splashtop

Unlike VPNs, deploying Splashtop is a simple process, making it ideal for companies that want to enable remote working quickly and/or at a large scale.

Your organization can leverage your existing IT infrastructure while enabling employee remote access. All you need to do is deploy the Splashtop software to your company’s workstations, and then send invites to your employees so they can create their user accounts.

You can then manage your users and computers in the Splashtop admin console. Set access permissions, enforce security policies (such as device verification and two-factor authentication), view logs, and more.

Once set up, all an employee needs to do to remotely access their work computer is open the Splashtop app on their device and select their computer. From there they will be able to see and control the remote computer in real time.

This gives your employees access to all their files and applications, so they can work productively while away from the office.

Benefits of choosing Splashtop for employee remote access

There are many benefits to choosing Splashtop to enable employees to work from home with remote access:

  • Employees won’t have to take their work computers home with them to be able to access them while away from the office.

  • Employees can conveniently use any Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, or Chromebook device to work remotely.

  • Deploying, scaling, and managing is easy through the Splashtop admin console.

  • Splashtop remote access is a superior and more secure


  • Businesses can ensure business continuity in the event employees can’t go to the office.

  • Businesses can offer remote working and work from home incentives without sacrificing productivity.

  • Splashtop is the best-value remote access solution for enabling work from home.

Get started with Splashtop for your business now

Learn more at to get the best employee remote access tool for your business. You can start a free trial of Splashtop Business Access now to try it out for yourself!

If you’re looking for an enterprise remote access solution for all remote access and remote support needs, be sure to check out Splashtop Enterprise.

Employee Remote Access Case Studies

Splashtop enables all kinds of organizations to enable remote working, including media and entertainment professionals who can remotely control their office computers to use apps like Adobe Creative Suite and video editing tools as if they were sitting in front of it. Check out these Splashtop case studies below:

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