Ensuring business continuity while keeping low operational cost in the media and entertainment industry

How Audio Perception Increased Competitive Advantage While Meeting Challenges of the Remote World in Media & Entertainment


COVID-19 has accelerated the digital revolution of remote work, and in doing so, forced many industries, including the media and entertainment industry, to adapt quickly. For audio technology companies, the new normal raised a few questions – How do you continue to provide remote design services? How do you provide quick and effective tech support to clients when you cannot get to them? David Knauer and Jason Atkinson, founders of Audio Perception, explain how his company used Splashtop SOS to overcome the challenges brought by this new normal.

The Challenge: Offering remote tech support and remote design services to TV composers, music artists, songwriters, producers, studio owners, technology and entertainment companies

As Audio Perception had many clients who needed technical support, the company was looking for a way to provide it to them remotely. “We needed to find a reliable, affordable, and solid remote support solution,” said David Knauer. He further explained that the tool they were looking for was not just for providing remote support but design services as well. “We were looking for a way to both provide our clients with remote tech support as well as conduct remote design services”, said David.

To conduct these remote design services, Audio Perception designers needed a tool that would allow them to share their screen with a client to present plans, blueprints, designs, and data while in the design stage of building a studio.

That’s why Audio Perception’s co-founder Jason Atkinson spent a lot of time researching online remote access solutions products and services. “We had been using TeamViewer, but this remote access solution turned out to be very expensive for the features it provided us,” said Jason. He further explains, “I searched for something better with a focus on three main selection criteria: functionality, features, and price.” That’s when he found Splashtop SOS. “It was the perfect fit for all of our needs,”said Atkinson.


Splashtop SOS offered Audio Perception an easy way to provide remote support to clients, and it met Jason’s selection criteria of functionality, features, and price. It not only came with a handy set of features but offered them at very competitive prices. This resulted in considerable savings of 50% or more when compared to other solutions like TeamViewer. Below is a side by side feature and price comparison of the two solutions.

Features and Price Comparison Splashtop SOS TeamViewer Single User Plan
Starting price $199 (per user/year) $588 (per user/year)*
Access and control computers remotely
On-demand Support (QuickSupport)
Unlimited Endpoints
Support iOS and Android devices $394.80/year extra
Multiple concurrent sessions
Cross-Platform File Transfer (Drag-and-Drop)
Chat (in-session)
Chat (outside session)
Session recording
Two users can remote into the same computer concurrently (requires two licenses)
Multi-monitor support (multi-to-multi)
Remote print
Remote reboot
User management
Computer and User grouping
Group permissions
256-bit AES encryption

*TeamViewer US Dollar and Euro prices from TeamViewer US and Euro currency websites, July 2020. TeamViewer prices may vary by country.

Among the many handy features outlined above, support for iOS and Android devices was particularly important to Audio Perception as they supported both types of devices. And this feature was included in the Splashtop SOS standard package at no additional cost. Jason and his team were quite pleased with the solution.

“As a reliable and affordable remote access service, Splashtop is very beneficial to our business workflow,” explains Jason. “We can quickly and easily provide the remote technical support services that our clients need, especially during this time of social distancing and the disruption of the Coronavirus.”

He further explains: “It allows us not just to see what the client sees on their computer, but also to take control of the client’s computer to perform tech support as if we are in the room – this is important to us when providing services to our clients.” Jason adds that it also allows his team to share their screen to remotely present plans, blueprints, designs, and data to clients.

The Result: Business continuity and a new competitive advantage

By switching from TeamViewer to Splashtop SOS, Audio Perception was able to save at least 50% on cost, share design plans remotely, and provide reliable remote support to clients.

Audio Perception clients seem to be particularly excited about receiving support remotely. “Audio Perception now can fix your DAW problems & troubleshoot remotely via Splashtop by controlling your screen” shared a client on Twitter. He enthusiastically added: “If you need music tech help & don’t live in an area where that’s available – It’s like magic.”

Jason shared that switching to Splashtop SOS has ultimately resulted in a competitive advantage for Audio Perception: “Splashtop SOS is a support option that not only keeps our current clientele from seeking out other remote support services but also entices new potential clients in areas outside of greater Los Angeles, where on-site support is not really practical due to distance, travel time and cost.”


About Audio Perception

Combining their 30+ years of experience in computers, music, electronics, audio engineering, software, audio post and sound design, David Knauer and Jason Atkinson, founded Audio Perception in 2008 in Los Angeles, California.

Their vision was to focus on providing comprehensive service and support with a complete top to bottom approach – from studio design, construction, and acoustics to all types of tech support including, wiring, patch bays, wall panels, computers, software, and instructions.

Today, Audio Perception is a well – respected audio technology firm offering consulting, design, support, sales and technical engineering services to music artists, songwriters, producers, studio owners, entertainment companies, home theater/office/ conference room markets and film and TV composers of famous Hollywood productions like Mr.Robot, Fargo, Star Trek, Legion,GLOW, Law & Order, and Glee.

Learn more about Audio Perception.

About Splashtop SOS

Splashtop SOS is an attended, on-demand remote support solution with optional unattended, anytime computer access.

With SOS, IT support professionals can instantly connect to their users’ devices with a simple session code. Designed for helpdesk and support professionals, SOS allows to perform ad-hoc remote support to an unlimited number of devices. No matter where the user is or when their problem arises, SOS users can easily remote into their users’ Windows, Mac, iOS, Android device, or Chromebooks, take control, and fix the issue quickly. SOS reduces the time it takes to support users, keeps customer satisfaction high, and reduces costs for remote support teams. Learn more about Splashtop SOS.

“Splashtop provides the perfect, cost-effective solution for the remote support services we provide to our professional music and audio clients.”
David Knauer
Audio Perception Inc.