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HCS Computer Solutions' employee utilizing Splashtop Remote Support Premium to assist clients
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Case Study – How This MSP Uses Splashtop for Remote Access, Monitoring & Management

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HCS Computer Solutions, an MSP servicing over 450 endpoints at critical government offices, chooses Splashtop Remote Support Premium to monitor and manage their endpoints.

Are you an MSP in need of a better tool for remote access, monitoring, and management?

If so, you’re not alone.

Clients expect you to keep their IT infrastructures running in top condition. When you have multiple clients spread out across different locations, managing your endpoints can become difficult. Remote access software and RMMs give MSPs the tools they need to be able to access and support their clients from anywhere at any time.

Finding the right solution can often be a challenge for an MSP. Obstacles often include:

  • RMMs and remote access products being too expensive

    This makes it difficult for small to mid-sized MSPs who want to scale but can’t due to price.

  • Not getting the right features

    Some products don’t have all the tools you need, and others come with too many, making the product both more expensive and more complicated to use.

  • Products not being reliable or secure

    When you need to access your managed device, the last thing you want is a lagging, broken connection. Plus, MSPs need to ensure the software they’re using keeps their data and their clients’ data safe.

HCS Computer Solutions

Based in Warsaw, Missouri, HCS Computer Solutions is an MSP managing over 450 endpoints for clients including major health centers, county and city government offices, and a 911 call center. They manage all their endpoints with just two internal IT technicians.

Given the nature of HCS Computer Solutions’ clients, it is critical that they proactively monitor their endpoints, and quickly provide help desk support when an issue arises.

To get a reliable solution with all the tools they needed at the best value, HCS Computer Solutions turned to Splashtop Remote Support Premium.

Case Study – How This MSP Uses Splashtop Remote Support

In this case study, we outline HCS Computer Solutions’ business, what Splashtop Remote Support Premium is, and how the company has benefitted from using Splashtop. Highlights include:

  • Remote management features such as Configurable Alerts and Windows Update Management helping HCS Computer Solutions proactively update and manage their endpoints.

  • Unattended remote access to computers and servers making it easy to connect in the mornings or at night to respond to a ticket, even when the end user is away.

  • Thousands of dollars in savings on annual subscription cost thanks to Splashtop’s low prices.

“Because of Splashtop’s pricing, HCS can have more people on. When we dumped LogMeIn, we were able to save around $2,500 per year, so that increased the number of clients that we were able to put the streamer on, maintain continuously, and add into our contract.” – Henry Starcher, Owner, HCS Computer Solutions

You can read the case study now to learn more about why HCS Computer Solutions loves Splashtop.

About Splashtop Remote Support

Splashtop Remote Support is a cost-effective remote access tool for IT and MSPs who need unattended access to their managed computers and servers. It is a great alternative more expensive remote access/support products like BeyondTrust Remote Support (formerly Bomgar) and LogMeIn Central.

The Splashtop Remote Support Premium package includes several additional monitoring and management features, including system inventory, event logs, remote command, scheduled reboot, unattended Android access, and more. You can also enable end-user access for up to 50 of your clients so they can remotely access their computers under your management.

Try Splashtop Remote Support Premium for free or schedule a demo for more information.

Learn More About Splashtop

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