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Utilizing Splashtop Business Access the top remote work software solution in the market
Working Remotely

Why Splashtop Is the Best Remote Work Software

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Telecommuting professionals say Splashtop remote access is their preferred telework software. Find out why Splashtop is the best remote desktop software for working from home.

More business professionals are working from home or on the go. While working remotely can add flexibility and be a great benefit to you, it can also be a challenge as staying productive while working away from the office can be hard.

If you work remotely (also known as teleworking or telecommuting), then you need the right tool that will help you be as productive as possible no matter where you are or what device you’re using.

To get that, you need a solution that will make your work computers fully accessible to you at any time. That way you can access your applications and files the moment you need to work on them.

With that said, Splashtop Business Access is the best software for working remotely. In fact, more than 20 million people use Splashtop for remote access.

Why Splashtop Business Access is the Best Remote Desktop Tool for Telecommuting

You can remotely access any computer from any other device

Don’t stress about having the right device or operating system. Splashtop works across multiple platforms so you can access all your computers from any of your personal devices.

You’ll be able to remote control your Windows, Mac, and Linux computers from your Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Chromebook devices.

You can work seamlessly across remote connections

Nothing is more upsetting than a slow, lagging remote connection. Splashtop’s fast connections with HD quality (and sound) mean you can control your remote computer in real time and feel as if you’re sitting in front of it.

With Splashtop, your work computer and the files and applications on it will always be accessible to you.

You get all the remote desktop features you need to stay productive

Splashtop Business Access is equipped with the tools most requested by business professionals who work remotely.

Drag-and-drop file transfer, remote print, remote reboot, remote wake, chat, and multi-to-multi monitor support are just some of the features that you can use to be a more effective teleworker.

You’ll save on cost – a lot

You don’t need to spend a fortune to get the best remote access software designed for business use. Products like AnyDesk, TeamViewer, LogMeIn Pro, and GoToMyPC cost hundreds of dollars per year – a high price to pay to work remotely.

On the other hand, Splashtop Business Access can save you up to 80% (or more!) on your annual cost. That’s hundreds or even thousands of dollars in yearly savings.

Splashtop Business Access starts at just $5 per month. Compare that to TeamViewer’s commercial plan which starts at $50.90 per month.

You’ll ensure security and standards compliance

Does your company follow strict industry regulations such as HIPAA? Are you required to adhere to your company’s data security rules?

You won’t need to worry about breaking those rules with Splashtop. Splashtop comes with industry leading security features and practices, including TLS and 256-bit AES encryption, device authentication, two-step verification, and multiple 2nd-level password options. All connections, file transfers, and management events are logged.

Plus, Splashtop ensures you stay compliant with industry regulations.

What Telework Professionals Say About Splashtop

Thanks to Splashtop, S.J. Pockmire significantly reduces the amount of time she travels for work. She now takes care of most tasks from the comfort of her own home. Check out her story on using Splashtop remote access for working remotely in the case study below:

Telecommuniting with Splashtop case study

“I had been using TeamViewer and Google [Chrome Remote Desktop] until I started having some problems with their software. Then I discovered Splashtop. I researched all software on the market and Splashtop was the easiest to install and begin to use immediately. It is terrific and very Mac friendly.”

- S.J. Pockmire

Get Started with Splashtop for Free

Ready to be the best remote worker possible no matter where you are or what device you have with you?

You can try Splashtop Business Access for one week for free! Start your free trial by clicking the button below, no credit card or commitment required.

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