5 Ways Splashtop Remote Support Tools Can Help as Your Business Grows in 2020

Splashtop is ready to support IT teams, support teams and MSPs with the best value, secure, and reliable remote computer access solution for the new year.

Whether you’re looking to generate more revenue for your MSP business or looking for ways to support your team and employees of your organization as part of an IT team, read on to see why Splashtop Remote Support can be a strategic technology choice this year.

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1. Be ready when unexpected situations arise

If your tech team members unexpectedly can’t make it into the office because of severe weather or if they need to take care of a sick child, Splashtop Remote Support makes it easy for them remote into your managed computers from their home computer or mobile device so they take care of critical support tasks even if they aren’t in the office. Many companies also choose Splashtop as a low cost secondary remote access solution in case their primary system has an outage.

2. Reduce tool costs by up to 80% when you switch from another remote access solution

Businesses that switch to Splashtop can save 50% or more compared to other remote access and remote support tools like TeamViewer and up to 80% compared to LogMeIn.

3. Easily add members and increase computer counts as your company grows

When you choose Splashtop Remote Support, you can update your account at any time via your my.splashtop.com online dashboard. It’s always free to add additional technician licenses to your existing account. And you easily switch plans as you add more managed computers and devices or if you want to add features like alerts, Windows Update management, 1-to-many scripts, and mass deployment. You get a prorated price that gives you full credit for your current subscription.

4. Offer remote access to your end-users at no extra cost!

With Splashtop Remote Support, you can give your end-users access to their computers that are managed under your accounts at no extra cost. For IT teams, that means you can give employees of your company remote access to their computers without purchasing an additional solution and you can manage it all right from within your Splashtop dashboard. You just invite the users and assign them access to their specific computers. For MSPs this gives you an opportunity to resell remote access to your clients and keep 100% of that remote access revenue. It’s all included in your Splashtop Remote Support subscription.

5. Splashtop is here to help

If you would like help choosing the best remote access solution for your needs or have any questions, our sales team is here to help. If you need help during your trial or subscription, our Support team is just a click or call away. And you can rest assured that you’re using a safe solution and technology that has been proved with hundreds of millions of remote access users and thousands of five-star ratings across leading review sites and app stores.

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