What is Secure Remote Access?

Secure remote access software provides the ability to securely access a computer or device from another device, at any time, and from anywhere. Today, remote access has become an essential component of any work-from-home, remote support, or distance learning strategy.

The three most common uses for remote access solutions today are:

  1. To enable employees to access their work computers from anywhere, on any device without compromising security
  2. To grant students access to school resources, such as lab computers, from home
  3. To provide support-driven access to both managed computers and BYOD devices for IT staff, help desk teams, and managed service providers

With more people working remotely, next-generation remote access solutions gives you a fast and simple way to keep everyone productive and your operations running smoothly. But with that comes an increased security risk. In February, 2021 CNN reported that “hackers gained access to a Florida water treatment facility by using a dormant remote access software.” The hackers then tried to poison the water supply, but were intercepted by an operator.

With attacks like this on the rise, it’s more important than ever to ensure your team is using a secure remote access solution.

What is Next-Generation Secure Remote Access?

Often confused with traditional remote desktop protocol (RDP), next-gen remote access software provides one key advantage – it is more prepared to handle today’s security concerns. Next-gen remote access software comes with built-in security features like SSO (Single Sign-On), MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication), device authentication, and automatic infrastructure updates to stay updated and aligned with modern security standards.

Remote access software is more secure than RDP and VPN. Unlike a VPN, remote access software is built to handle high traffic and provides complete access to remote computers’ files and applications, regardless of the network.

On top of that, an increased security risk while using BYOD (personal devices) is an upward trend with VPN solutions. Not to mention, they’re cumbersome to manage, update and scale. All in all, remote access is more suitable than a VPN for a remote or flexible environment.

Splashtop: A Secure Next-Gen Remote Access Solution

Splashtop is an excellent example of a next-gen secure remote access solution. Splashtop’s easy setup, management, and scalability ensure fast and reliable remote access sessions with effortless maintenance and increased security.


On the simplicity front, even the most technology-averse users find Splashtop remote access easy to use. All users have to do is install a small app on their workstations. From there, they can remote into their workstation instantly, from any device using the Splashtop app.

High Performance

Splashtop is designed so that the corporate network is only used during remote access. This results in less traffic and higher performance when compared to VPN access. Splashtop customers also enjoy top performance reliability including high-performance remote connections that offer HD quality, with 4K streaming at 60 frames per second.


Of course, next-generation also translates into more secure. Splashtop was architected as a cloud-native solution and uses industry-standard security protocols like HTTPS and TLS. Data is passed over port 443 (just like all standard encrypted web traffic today), and connections are facilitated by our relay servers worldwide. For our customers, all of that means no special ports are needed, and firewalls do not need to allow special exceptions.

Computers using Splashtop also gain an added level of security, because there is no need to leave them exposed on the Internet or DMZ where bad actors can easily scan and attack them.

next-gen remote access

Splashtop Next-Gen Remote Access Infrastructure

While security and compliance features allow for worry-free remote connections, your users and IT administrators can do more while connected via next-gen remote access. Users and IT personnel can securely transfer files, print remotely, and complete any other task during remote sessions.

Finally, Splashtop’s apps and infrastructure are updated, secured, and monitored automatically. This removes the burden from IT staff, freeing them to support users in more strategic ways.


With a secure next-gen remote access solution you can enjoy remote connections from personal devices to work computers without sacrificing security. Ensure the safety of your flexible work environment today with Splashtop.

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