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Why Remote Desktop Software is Key to a Productive Hybrid Office

By Splashtop Team
3 minute read


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When we went into lockdown last year and predicted that the hybrid office was the future of work, many were still skeptical and thought that things would go to normal.

Now, with hundreds of articles on the hybrid office suddenly erupting across the web, it seems pretty clear that we are headed towards a flexible office.

While the hybrid office can sound like something very daunting to set up, it is very simple to put in place with remote desktop software like Splashtop.

What is remote desktop software? Remote desktop software is simply software that enables you to remotely access a computer or device from another device, at any time, and from anywhere. This other device can be another computer, a tablet, or even a smartphone.

Two main reasons why remote desktop is the perfect set-up for your hybrid office:

1. Remote desktop software offers a bridge between your physical office and anywhere else work can be performed

In the new office world, being hybrid goes beyond just enabling employees to work from home. They need to have tools to be productive wherever they are working. It is all about flexibility.

Office computers often have expensive software like Adobe and Revit installed on them. Consequently, it would be quite cumbersome and expensive to purchase additional powerful computers and software licenses for employees to use at different locations.

That’s where remote desktop software can help. It allows employees to remain connected to their office computers remotely and have access to all their files and software as if they were in the office. As a result, there is no need for additional computers or software licenses set up at remote locations.

The process is also quite simple. The remote desktop app simply needs to be installed on the office computers and on employees' secondary portable devices - this could be a personal laptop, tablet, or even smartphone.

2. Remote desktop software is often less expensive than VPN, faster to scale, and offers better performance in a remote environment

Before COVID-19, the traditional method of working remotely has been through VPN (Virtual Private Network).

While VPN works for individuals who need to remotely access the corporate network, and for completing specific tasks, it is not suited to support an entire workforce that connects frequently and for long durations of time. When being used by multiple people at once, VPNs become slow and unreliable. Plus, VPNs are expensive to set up for large workforces, and are difficult to scale.

Unlike remote desktop software, VPNs are usually only able to be used with company-issued devices. So in a hybrid scenario, a business would have to purchase additional devices for remote workers to connect and enable them to use the VPN. This can become quite expensive.

That is not all - Maintaining the network traffic of an overloaded VPN can become a security hazard and disaster just waiting to happen.

On the other hand, remote desktop software like Splashtop is built to handle hybrid work. Splashtop offers secure remote connections and reliable performance, without the challenges and hurdles that come with VPN.

There you have it - the two main reasons why remote desktop software is the right choice for a productive and simple hybrid office.

Which remote desktop is best for your hybrid office?

There are many remote desktops available out there, but when it comes to reliability, cost, ease of use, and customer service, Splashtop is in a class of its own with the highest NPS score in the industry.

Splashtop also invests heavily in security and follows a robust code of conduct to ensure your data is secure during all remote desktop connections.

Splashtop’s secure infrastructure is also reinforced with intrusion prevention, app security, and a wide range of security features to provide you one of the most secure remote desktop tools in the market.

That is why we are the trusted choice for many major brands including Marriott, FedEx, UPS, Toyota, Stanford Health Care, Harvard Medical School, Turner Broadcasting, and Tapestry.

So, if you are exploring a hybrid office setup, we encourage you to give our remote desktop a try. You can try our software for free at any time, with no commitment and no credit card required.

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