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Front view of Virginia Tech College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) building
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School IT Cut Costs & Increased Efficiency with Splashtop

By Splashtop Team
2 minute read


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The IT Team at Virginia Tech College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) uses Splashtop to remotely support their managed devices across multiple locations. Read the case study below to find out how you too can cut costs, reduce travel, and increase efficiency with Splashtop Remote Support!

Are you a school IT professional who spends too much time traveling to different classrooms or campuses to support or deploy your managed devices?

Do you already use a remote support product, but find that it is unreliable or not user-friendly?

Do you have a limited budget?

If so, you’re not alone.

Many school IT professionals experience the challenge of managing a large number of devices scattered around multiple locations. IT departments at schools and universities also struggle with tight budgets, and which can make finding the right solution at an affordable price difficult.

This was the case with the IT team at Virginia Tech CALS. They struggled with supporting more than 2,200 computers and devices across 140 sites with only a 13-person team. And as time went on, their workload continued to grow. This prompted them to search for a remote support solution that would allow them to quickly and easily access their managed devices at any time/place. After trying multiple other products, the team found the features, benefits, and pricing they were looking for with Splashtop Remote Support.

Splashtop Remote Support is a cost-effective, high-performing solution used by IT teams for unlimited unattended remote access into their managed computers. It is a great alternative to other more expensive remote access/support products like Bomgar Remote Support and LogMeIn Central.

The Virginia Tech - Splashtop Remote Support Case Study outlines what Splashtop Remote Support offers, and the benefits the IT team at Virginia Tech CALS has enjoyed since getting started, including:

  • The Splashtop Streamer that allows them to them to conveniently connect to managed computers (a persistent client)

  • A comprehensive set of features for security, grouping users & computers, etc.

  • More efficient work through multitasking

  • Remote access for faculty to access their work computers

“We wanted something that gave us the ability to take over a user system and help faculty with their problems. Cutting cost and reduced travel were added benefits…Splashtop Remote Support makes it a whole lot quicker to fix your problem now than to wait for someone to be there in two weeks.”

-  Edward O’Dell, Virginia Tech CALS

Try Splashtop Remote Support for free or schedule a demo for more information!

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