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Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with Remote Access Software

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Ever wonder what the world would have been like if we had remote access software technology available ages ago? We do! Here is what the “Houston we have a problem” scenario could have been if remote access like Splashtop was around back in the 1970s.

Yes, we might be stretching this a bit. But this last year has been quite the stretch when it comes to remote access software use cases. With the 2020 remote work and hybrid revolution, we discovered unusual new ways our remote desktop software was being used. We share a few of these interesting use cases below.

Unusual uses of Splashtop Remote Access

1. Remote broadcasting from a boat

Bryan Huges from WOWK is a meteorologist who went fully remote due to COVID-19. Bryan took his remote setup to another level.

He converted his boat into a remote newsroom, using Splashtop remote access software to run Weather Lynx graphics! In an interview with TVSpy, Brian enthusiastically said that “It’s like a dream come true,” as it provided him with a sense of freedom that he did not think was possible when it came to meteorology.

2. Remotely monitoring patients' vitals

Koen Van Dulmen, Project Manager of Slingeland Hospital’s Sensing Clinic, helped his hospital reinvent and improve patient care by continuously monitoring vital signs remotely with Splashtop On-Prem remote access software.

This helped the Sensing Clinic reduce unnecessary trips to patients, and make visits to patients more efficient by enabling a clinician to knows a patient’s status ahead of time.
You can read more about this use case by exploring the case study.

3. Remotely accessing Adobe’s applications

When it comes to software like Adobe Photoshop, most people usually access the software on the cloud when they are away from their primary computers. The pandemic has taught us that remote access could also be used similarly and is often a more efficient way to access Adobe software remotely. This last year it has been used by many professionals in the creative field to remotely access Adobe software hosted on their office computers, from outside the office – with no lag!

Here is how it worked. After installing the remote access software on both on-site and offsite devices, creative professionals were able to use remote access software to remotely access Adobe Creative Cloud desktop applications from any device instantly and in real time, and use their powerful remote computer as if they were sitting in front of it.

This use case became particularly popular for schools that needed to provide their remote students with access to the campus computers and the powerful software hosted on them.

4. Producing and directing a horror movie remotely!

Due to the lockdown, Katherine Sweetman found herself hired to direct some content production remotely. After scrambling to figure out how to produce remotely, she found Splashtop remote access software.

After testing it for remote viewing for remote directing, Katherine found that it worked quite well. So well that she remotely produced a Halloween short with Splashtop remote access software. Katherine explains how in her blog "How to Direct a Film 100% Remotely ."

How will you use Splashtop remote access?

While remote broadcasting, remote monitoring for healthcare, remotely designing on adobe, and remotely producing a horror movie with remote access can seem strange, we can expect more unusual use cases to emerge as remote work continues to change the world. So why not astronomy? Our earliest example is not so far stretched after all.

First time hearing of remote access? Learn more about what it is and try our software for free. While you might not be using it for remotely producing a horror short, you will find that remote access can be very handy when it comes to enabling you to productively work from home - or anywhere you choose to.

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