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Splashtop announced as the Top Student Engagement Solution Providers 2021
Remote Learning & Education

Splashtop Named One of EdTech's Top 10 Student Engagement Solutions of 2021

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Splashtop has been recognized by EdTech as one of The Top 10 Student Engagement Solutions - 2021. We’re proud to provide secure, reliable, and easy-to-use remote support and remote access solutions for K-12, higher education, career technical education (CTE) and more.

Our customers have navigated unique challenges over the past two years. After facing herculean efforts to quickly roll-out remote learning during the pandemic, many schools are continuing their investment in remote learning solutions and recognize that secure hybrid learning solutions are part of the new normal. As a matter of fact, a recent Splashtop survey found that 92% of students expect to have 24/7 access to campus computers to continue learning and 83% think a mix of online and on-campus learning is the future for students.

To meet the needs of hybrid learning, schools must be able to support students, teachers and staff both in person and remotely. A remote access solution enables hybrid learning essentials through:

Increased access to on-campus lab resources

With Splashtop students get remote lab access to powerful Windows and Mac devices. It’s so seamless, it’s like they’re actually sitting in front of the lab computers. With Easy-to-use, highly secure remote access they can remote into lab devices from almost any kind of personal devices—including Chromebooks. The best part? Students can have 24/7 access to lab resources, increasing ROI on infrastructure investments.

“There’s a huge advantage allowing students to use the animation and game-design applications whenever they want to, even if it’s at 2am while eating cold pizza in their bedrooms. The more fluid access to the lab software has turned out to accelerate the process for many of our students.”

– Kathryn Bradley, Teacher at Asheville High School

Ensuring faculty and student engagement in remote and hybrid learning environments

Ensuring faculty and student engagement in remote and hybrid learning environments
In the traditional classroom setting, students regularly miss out on learning if they can't be physically present. With a remote access solution, there’s more flexibility around when and where students access learning materials. This increases student engagement in a way that allows for more freedom in their learning experience.

“Splashtop creates enthusiasm; it gets to the heart of what common core is calling for. Technology like this is a force multiplier in education.”

– Michael R. McCormick, Assistant Superintendent of Ed Services, Val Verde Unified School District

Secure infrastructure

Splashtop’s robust security features ensure that your network and data are safe. Our enterprise grade Cloud Infrastructure uses AES 256-bit encryption, runs on AWS, Google and Oracle Clouds and has a publicly available uptime status for all services. All of this to say, we support industry standards and regulations while ensuring the safety of your staff and students.

FERPA compliance is very important to us, so it’s great to know that Splashtop isn’t going to retain, manipulate, or do anything with the students’ information. Splashtop wouldn’t have passed the gate if they didn’t have that.”

- Nicholas Adams, the Director of Information Technology, Lenawee Intermediate School District (LISD)

Splashtop remote access can help solve your most pressing hybrid learning needs while increasing student engagement. Need to enable IT to remotely support any device? Or enhance remote learning by giving students and staff 24/7 access to school computers and labs? Whatever your challenge is, Splashtop has the solution for you.

Learn more about Splashtop’s fast, secure, simple remote access solutions for education.

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