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The Best Ways to Remotely Support Mobile Devices

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Long are the days when internet and electronic communication were dedicated to specific windows of time—connection is constant and needs to be always available for both business and personal reasons. This is why there’s a major need for more efficient and secure support solutions in today’s mobile-first world. 

As businesses continue to take advantage of this mobile-centric world, the need for businesses to provide fast and efficient support to mobile devices arises. Businesses need to be able to support internal users and clients the moment issues arise on their mobile devices to keep them productive and satisfied. This is why it’s imperative for remote support solutions that support access to mobile devices. 

Splashtop’s Remote Support Solutions for Mobile Devices 

Splashtop offers remote support solutions for IT teams, help desks, MSPs, and Enterprise corporations for mobile device support. Splashtop’s mobile support solutions are versatile and support a wide range of devices both on Android and iOS platforms—including rugged devices. 

Key Splashtop Remote Support Features: 

  • Any Device Platform Support: Splashtop can help provide remote access to a variety of devices and operating systems including iOS, Android, and Windows.  

  • Fast Performance: Splashtop remote access allows technicians the ability to access remote devices as if they’re located in person, without any lag or delays. 

  • Security-First Infrastructure: Splashtop’s remote solutions are built to give IT the ability to access mobile devices from where while safeguarding data and devices from cyber threats.  

  • User-Friendly Interface: No need for complex training or overly complicated processes—Splashtop's user-friendly interface makes it easy-to-use and learn for IT technicians, and intuitive for end-users to navigate. 

  • Fast Customer Support: While we don’t anticipate you needing any customer support, we have consistent and reliable agents all around the world to provide you with help when you need it.  

  • Ticketing System Integrations: Automatically log session details back into support ticket systems and launch remote sessions directly from tickets.  

A Deep Dive into Mobile Remote Support with Splashtop

Splashtop helps IT technicians manage and support all sorts of devices, including laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. Let’s take a look at how Splashtop supports these mobile devices. 

Remote control for Android Devices 

Splashtop offers remote control capabilities for Android mobile devices. This includes smartphones, tablets, POS devices, rugged devices, and IoT.  

The ability to remotely control a device allows technicians to interact devices directly to help fix issues, without the need of having to be physically in front of the device. Being able to use a device remotely allows technicians to use their knowledge regarding the device as opposed to walking the end user through the steps. This helps to reduce the amount of downtime a user experiences and can get them back into work quickly.  

Real-Time Screen Viewing for iOS 

Due to certain restrictions on iOS platforms, it’s currently not possible to remote control an iOS device. To work around this, Splashtop allows users to view the screens of iOS devices remotely, such as iPhones and iPads in real time.  

This enables technicians to provide attended support to end-users and help them diagnose and resolve issues in real time. 

Splashtop’s Security & Compliance 

At Splashtop, security is the soul of our product. Splashtop remains compliant with major security regulations and provides additional security features such as multi-factor authentication and SSO integrations. 

Splashtop encrypts data compliant with current industry standards and employs robust data transfer protocols to protect sensitive information during remote support sessions. Splashtop’s data transfer protocols protect data both at rest and in-transit.  

Remotely Manage Mobile Devices With Splashtop 

If you’re looking for a way to manage support capabilities for mobile devices, consider Splashtop as your solution of choice.  

Splashtop provides major features that support technicians need to manage remote mobile devices, such as attended and unattended remote access to Android devices, real-time remote screen viewing for iOS devices, and a user-friendly interface so new technicians can onboard quickly and get started fast. 

Interested in seeing how it will work for your team? Test it out with our one-week free trial. 

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