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Sarah Laoyan

Content Marketing Specialist

Sarah Laoyan is a content marketing specialist at Splashtop. She's an advocate for any technology that helps improve collaboration for remote workers. When not writing, you can find her knitting or crocheting with a cozy beverage nearby.

Articles by Sarah Laoyan

A Mac laptop displaying code for API connectivity on a wooden desktop.
IT & Help Desk Remote Support

Streamline IT Workflows with Splashtop’s Open API

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Gold medal with number 1

Top 10 Remote Support Software Tools in 2024

A Mac laptop on a desk in front of two other Apple monitors.
IT & Help Desk Remote Support

How to Remote Desktop from Mac to Windows

Woman standing in front of computer servers with her laptop in hand.

The Best Alternative for EasyVista EV Reach On-Prem

Closeup of a laptop keyboard and screen
Working Remotely

What is a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)?

An IT Leader on her laptop standing in a server room.
IT & Help Desk Remote Support

5 Strategies for Scaling IT Operations

A laptop sitting on a desk displaying a VPN screen

Security Risks of a VPN

A graphic designer sitting at a tablet connected to a laptop while working remotely
Working Remotely

Can Graphic Design Be Done Remotely?

Woman coding on a laptop sitting at a coffee table.

Ensuring Data Protection in the Era of Remote Access

A woman sitting at a desktop computer.
Remote Access Insights

What is Remote Desktop Software?

A close up of a computer monitor displaying video editing software.
Working Remotely

How Remote Access Supports Always On Entertainment Businesses

A man sitting and using his laptop to remotely access his Ubuntu desktop.
Remote Access Insights

How to Use Splashtop Remote Desktop to Ubuntu

A person using a tablet to remotely access a school lab computer. The tablet screen shows the skeletal structure of the human body.
Remote Learning & Education

Remote Access for Schools & Educators

A student studying in a courtyard on a laptop using remote access software.
Remote Learning & Education

How Remote Desktop Software Enhances Blended Learning

A Mac laptop displaying a photo editing software on a desktop in a library.
IT & Help Desk Remote Support

5 Remote Support Features IT Needs to Support a Hybrid Workforce

A group of students sitting in a classroom with various digital devices.
Remote Learning & Education

5 Strategies for Consolidating Your EdTech Stack

Writing in a notebook at a desk while looking at a computer
Remote Access Insights

How Splashtop Ensures Fast Remote Connections & Minimal Latency

A worker on the phone in front of a desktop computer looking at a different mobile device in their hand while receiving remote support.
IT & Help Desk Remote Support

The Best Ways to Remotely Support Mobile Devices

Italo Nava, our Senior Director of Sales and Customer Success, sits down with Susan Li, Senior Director of Product Management, and Yanlin Wang, the Vice President of Advanced Technology, to discuss the development of Splashtop Secure Workspace.

Splashtalks Recap: Zero Trust & Reinventing the Secure Workspace

A black laptop sitting on a table displaying an email message regarding fraudulent behavior.

Securing the Non-Technical Vulnerability in Cybersecurity

A screen with a cursor pointing over the word security

How Splashtop Upholds GDPR Compliance

A laptop computer displaying multiple lines of code.
IT & Help Desk Remote Support

How Tool Consolidation Improves IT Support Productivity

Vintage scale in a storefront window balancing two different bowls.
IT & Help Desk Remote Support

How to Balance Cost-Cutting and IT Efficiency with Splashtop

A dual monitor Mac desktop display using Splashtop remote access.
Working Remotely

Remotely Accessing Multiple Monitors: Is it Possible?

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