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Remote Control from iPad to Computer

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Remote desktop software is becoming a vital piece of our technological toolkit. In fact, projections show that the remote desktop software market will reach a size of $7.22 billion by 2029.

Technology is always advancing, creating new possibilities. Controlling a computer using a wireless connection is the latest trend in computing. Remote desktop control can provide a range of benefits for people in both their work lives and personal lives.

Many people aren't aware of the capabilities of remote desktop control. One thing that surprises many is that it can be done using a range of devices - even something as convenient as an iPad. Splashtop is one of the most secure, reliable ways to do this, and you can use it from anywhere with an internet connection.

For a rundown of what iPad remote control involves and why it's useful, keep reading.

Remotely Control a Computer From an iPad

Using an iPad along with remote desktop software can provide a convenient solution for many users. You can access a remote computer from anywhere in the world as long as you have a reliable internet connection.

With remote desktop for iPad, you can control every aspect of the computer you're connecting to. This includes software, files, and any other functions. iPads don't offer all of the same features and functions as desktop computers, but you'll be able to easily use them on an iPad while controlling a computer with Splashtop.

People have been working remotely for a long time, but since the Covid-19 pandemic, the rate of remote work has increased dramatically. Remote access software has made this a far more viable solution for many companies worldwide.

People are no longer limited to using a computer in person. While this may not be entirely essential for portable devices like laptops, it can be incredibly useful when it comes to desktop computers.

All you need to do is open the Splashtop application on your iPad, and from there you can connect to any computer you have set up under your account. As you'll have full control, it will feel as though you're sitting right in front of your desktop. To make things more natural, you can even connect a keyboard and mouse to your iPad, giving you more control of the remote computer.

Benefits of Using Splashtop to Remotely Control a Computer from iPad

Splashtop is one of the best pieces of remote control software on the market. It offers a range of benefits that make it ideal for various uses.

Work From Anywhere

The main purpose of remote desktop software is that it allows you to connect to another computer from anywhere in the world. People often use this in their personal lives, but it's generally used a lot more for work.

People can work from home, which has become incredibly popular in recent years. It's preferable to many workers as they can stay at home with kids/pets, and don't have to worry about a commute to work. It's also beneficial for companies as they don't need to rent out as much office space, and the cost of things like utility bills goes down.

On top of this, people can work while traveling. This opens up all kinds of doors for people who want to live a more nomadic lifestyle. As long as they've got Splashtop and an iPad, they can get on with work while on a train, at the beach, and even when abroad.


A desktop computer is far from portable. You would realistically need a vehicle to transport it from one place to the other. On top of the computer itself, you'd need to take the monitor, keyboard, mouse, and possibly some other pieces of hardware.

Unless you're moving it to place it somewhere else permanently, you're never going to want to move a desktop computer around. An iPad, however, is much easier to transport.

It's lightweight and can easily fit into a bag, so you can take it wherever you want, even when you're getting about on foot. It's a level of convenience that wasn't possible until quite recently.

Extend the Power of Your Computer

Splashtop doesn't just give you iPad control over a remote computer, but it will give you access to all of the processing power that a computer has. iPads are high-quality pieces of tech, but their size presents certain limitations. A desktop computer will often be far more powerful.

When connected through Splashtop, all processes are handled by the computer you're connected to. As long as your internet connection is stable, you'll be able to smoothly run all applications in real-time.

Why Use Splashtop for iPad Remote Control?

There are various remote desktop solutions available, but Splashtop stands out among them. It offers various features that aren't found with every remote desktop application. This includes things like:

  • Connect to a single device from an entire list

  • Connect with just a click

  • Cross-platform compatibility (Windows, Mac, and Linux)

  • High-speed connections for real-time control

  • Can be used by businesses, individuals, and educational facilities

  • Secure remote desktop software

  • A range of pricing plans

Using a Splashtop remote device like an iPad to connect to your desktop can be incredibly helpful.

Try Splashtop for Free

iPad remote control offers a range of benefits for businesses, individuals, and educational facilities. You can use it to connect to a computer from any location in the world, giving you full control of it through an iPad.

Splashtop offers all of this and more. With various pricing plans, you can easily find the perfect solution for you or your business. We even offer a free trial so you can determine if Splashtop meets your needs before committing to a plan.

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