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In this digital age, where computers are integral to our daily lives, educators face the challenge of ensuring accessibility for students, especially in scenarios where physical presence on campus is not feasible.

Remote access software, a technological solution that plays a pivotal role in bridging the gap between educators and students, meets this challenge head-on.

The Role of Remote Access in Modern Education

Since the invention of the internet, students have adopted remote learning very quickly. Some schools have begun implementing hybrid courses, with some in-person classes and others online. Even more so, some schools started adopting fully remote learning opportunities to provide students with more flexible schedules.

Even more so, with computers remaining an essential function in our day-to-day lives, educators need to understand how that relates to their work as well. For teachers who have devices located on campus or who teach specific digital lab courses, providing accessibility for remote students can be a challenge. This is where remote access software comes into play.

Remote access software allows students and educators to remote into a specific computer from their own local device without ever stepping onto campus. This can help create a more accessible computer laboratory, allowing students to access the lab remotely at a time that’s most convenient for them.

Remote access is also necessary for IT faculty—if a certain device needs maintenance or technical support, remote access software allows IT to manage that device remotely. When maintaining thousands of devices, like those on a college campus, remote access software can help organize devices in a way that allows them to maintain large groups of devices at once.

Splashtop’s Comprehensive Solutions for Education

Splashtop provides remote access software to those in education. Whether that’s a student, educator, or IT staff, Splashtop can help make the remote access process simple to broaden studies beyond the classroom.

Splashtop provides unique features such as:

  • High-performance remote access: Remotely access high-performance software like video editing and CAD software without lag or disruption.

  • BYOD Capabilities: Students and educators can use the device of their choice they feel comfortable working on while still accessing campus resources.

  • Provide access for every student: Splashtop helps create more inclusive access to resources for students who cannot access expensive hardware or software licenses. By remoting into a lab computer, students can still gain the hands-on experience they need to be successful.

  • Simple user interface: The simple user interface of Splashtop makes it easy for anyone with any varying level of tech knowledge to access campus devices.

Real-World Impact of Splashtop in Education

The College of Fine, Performing, and Communication Arts (CFPCA) at Wayne State University sought a way to provide both students and faculty remote access to their lab computers. Students were able to access software like Avid Media Composer, Avid Pro Tools, the entire Adobe Creative Suite, Logic Pro X, Vectorworks, Autodesk, and 3ds Max, all using the Splashtop software.

The Career and Technical Education division at Laney College provides students with the high-powered software they need for both their academic courses and their future careers. When COVID-19 hit, students had no way of accessing campus resources. The team at Laney College turned to Splashtop as a solution, which provided students with the lab access they needed without ever having to set foot on campus.

The Lenawee Intermediate School District’s Career Technical Education program provides K-12 students with access to software that includes video and audio production tools, graphic imaging technology, engineering, design, and CAD tools. However, this software requires resource-intensive hardware. Providing each student with the necessary hardware was cost-prohibitive, so instead, students were able to use their own Chromebooks to access lab computers remotely with Splashtop.

Facilitating Remote STEM Education with Splashtop

For students in STEM- science, technology, education, and mathematics- accessing STEM learning resources may require higher-performance software that is not as accessible to the average student.

Splashtop is a cost-effective option to help bridge that gap. With Splashtop, students can remotely access powerful campus devices from their own devices at home. This provides students with hands-on experience with the tools they will use in the workforce without the need for an expensive upfront investment.

Splashtop Enterprise: A Game-Changer in Educational Technology

Splashtop Enterprise stands at the forefront of remote access technology, offering a robust and versatile solution perfectly attuned to the dynamic needs of schools and universities. This comprehensive platform is not just a tool but a gateway to unlimited possibilities in remote learning and administration.

Unmatched Remote Access Capabilities

Splashtop Enterprise enables students and faculty to access school computers and lab resources remotely easily. This feature is crucial in ensuring continuity in education, especially in scenarios where physical access to campus facilities is restricted.

The platform's ability to stream high-quality video and audio enhances the learning experience, ensuring that users don't miss out on the nuances of sophisticated educational software and resources.

Scalability and Customization

Splashtop Enterprise is designed to scale effortlessly, catering to the needs of small schools to large universities. This scalability ensures that the platform remains a viable solution as institutions grow and their requirements evolve.

Customization options allow IT administrators to tailor the platform to specific institutional needs, ensuring a perfect fit for their unique educational environment.

Robust Security and Compliance

Security is paramount in educational settings, especially when dealing with sensitive student data. Splashtop Enterprise addresses this with industry-leading encryption standards, ensuring that all remote sessions are secure and private.

The platform's compliance with educational standards and regulations like FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) makes it a trustworthy choice for institutions mindful of legal and ethical responsibilities.

Ease of Access and Use

Understanding the varying levels of technical expertise among users, Splashtop Enterprise is designed for ease of use. Its intuitive interface ensures that even those with minimal technical skills can navigate the platform effortlessly.

The platform's compatibility with a wide range of devices, including Chromebooks, tablets, and smartphones, extends its reach, making remote access feasible for a broader user base.

In conclusion, by integrating Splashtop Enterprise, educational institutions can transcend traditional barriers and offer an enriched, accessible, and secure learning experience to all students, regardless of their physical location.

Create More Accessible Education with Splashtop

As our lives become more entwined with the digital world, educators must integrate opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to access digital resources remotely. Splashtop helps provide those experiences for those within the education system. With a simple user interface and easy-to-install platform, anyone can use Splashtop.

Are you interested in seeing how Splashtop can help your school? Chat with one of our representatives to learn how Splashtop for education can help you.

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