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Programs Like TeamViewer – Which TeamViewer Competitor is Best?

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TeamViewer is a commonly used remote desktop tool by individuals and organizations. However, not everyone is a fan. Many former TeamViewer users have switched to other remote desktop solutions for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common complaints former users have against TeamViewer are:

  1. High price: TeamViewer's commercial licenses are among the most expensive in the remote desktop industry.

  2. Security concerns: There have been reports of security issues with TeamViewer’s offerings, including high-risk vulnerabilities and other issues.

  3. Performance issues: Some users have reported experiencing slow connection speeds or lag when using TeamViewer.

  4. Poor customer service: Many former users have reported that they didn’t know how to cancel TeamViewer and that it’s almost impossible to get in touch with someone on the TeamViewer customer support team. To be precise, TeamViewer’s unfriendly cancellation policy requires users to submit a written notice 30 days before their renewal date to cancel their subscription. Otherwise, TeamViewer will automatically charge the user an auto-renewal. There is no other way to turn off auto-renew with TeamViewer.

Programs like TeamViewer

So, what’s the best TeamViewer alternative? Here’s a list of a few popular apps like TeamViewer and how they stack up:

  1. Splashtop

  2. LogMeIn

  3. AnyDesk

  4. GoToMyPC

  5. Chrome Remote Desktop

  6. Dameware Remote Everywhere

  7. BeyondTrust Remote Support

  8. WebEx Remote

  9. Zoho Assist

  10. Microsoft Remote Desktop

  11. Connectwise ScreenConnect


Splashtop stands out as the best alternative to TeamViewer as it offers several remote access packages designed to fit the unique needs of each user. For example, Splashtop offers a plan for individuals and small teams to access their remote computers, and a plan for IT to provide remote support to any device. Splashtop even has enterprise solutions for large organizations with many needs.

These options help make Splashtop a much better value when compared to TeamViewer. TeamViewer bundles all their features together making it expensive for everyone, while Splashtop’s remote access software guarantees you’ll save 50% per year on your subscription cost when compared to TeamViewer. Check out this Splashtop vs TeamViewer pricing comparison to see the difference.

Unlike TeamViewer, Splashtop makes customer service a priority. It is much easier to get in touch with a support or customer service representative at Splashtop than at TeamViewer, ensuring Splashtop users can get their issues resolved quickly, should they arise.

As far as the product goes, Splashtop is consistently rated higher than TeamViewer on sites like G2. Reasons for this include:

  • Splashtop supports any computer, tablet, or mobile device running on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Chrome operating systems.

  • Splashtop gives users high-quality remote connections with lightning speeds, making it feel as if you were sitting in front of the device you are remote controlling.

  • Splashtop has the same top features found in TeamViewer, including file transfer, chat, remote print, screen sharing, and more.

  • Splashtop is easy to set up and use.

For all the reasons listed above, Splashtop is the best alternative to TeamViewer.


LogMeIn offers remote desktop solutions for a variety of use cases. While LogMeIn’s maker GoTo offers an array of packages that fit different needs, LogMeIn is also known for having some of the highest-priced remote access products in the industry.

If you’re looking to move away from TeamViewer due to the high cost, you might want to stay away from LogMeIn. The high prices mean LogMeIn is not an ideal solution for small teams and individuals.

If you’re looking for a remote control platform for yourself or your team, you’d be better off with Splashtop. In fact, Splashtop can save you up to 70% per year or more on your subscription cost when compared to LogMeIn.


AnyDesk is another commonly used remote desktop platform. However, if pricing is a concern, it’s possible that AnyDesk isn’t an adequate solution for most individuals, teams, and businesses.

While AnyDesk offers remote access packages ranging from individual use to entire organizations, it’s definitely expensive; for example, individuals can save over 50% by choosing Splashtop over AnyDesk.

For large organizations that need remote access, AnyDesk doesn’t offer volume discounts. On the flip side, Splashtop does, meaning large teams and businesses can save even more by choosing Splashtop over either AnyDesk or TeamViewer.


Like TeamViewer, GoToMyPC enables remote control to computers from another device and comes with most features you’d expect in a remote desktop tool.

However, like many of the other TeamViewer competitors, and TeamViewer itself, GoToMyPC is expensive. If you’re looking for software like TeamViewer that won’t break the bank, look elsewhere. Splashtop can save you 75% guaranteed when compared to GoToMyPC.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop could be a potential solution if you're seeking software that’s simple, straightforward, and cost-free. You don't need to download any other software to get started since it operates inside your browser. You only need to click the link, distribute it wherever and with whoever you choose, and you're ready to go.

But bear in mind that Chrome Remote Desktop doesn’t have any video, audio, or chat features, and there’s no file transfer. When compared to TeamViewer (or the best program like TeamViewer, Splashtop), it’s not an “apples-to-apples” comparison because of the missing features.

While being free to use might be appealing, there are many drawbacks to Chrome Remote Desktop:

  • Requires all computers to be logged into the same Google account, requiring users to share Google accounts which could present security issues

  • Requires you to enter a unique pin before connecting to a remote computer

  • Doesn’t enable access to mobile devices

  • No management console

Dameware Remote Everywhere

For users looking for especially secure and fast connections, Dameware Remote Everywhere makes a big deal out of its use of the advanced BSAFE Crypto-C Micro Edition cryptography module, and that it’s compliant with U.S. federal information processing standards. There’s also support for VoIP calls, video calls, and in-session chat.

But the main drawback of Dameware Remote Everywhere is that it’s an incredibly expensive solution; its paid plans start at approximately nine times the cost of Splashtop. As such, it’s aimed at large enterprise users.

Splashtop comes with the same top features needed by IT support and help desk professionals to provide remote support to clients and managed devices. Plus, it comes with industry-leading security features and encrypted connections, to ensure your data is secure.

BeyondTrust Remote Support

If your use case is more geared toward IT support, then you might have considered BeyondTrust Remote Support. While BeyondTrust, TeamViewer, and Splashtop all offer the same top features for remote support, the main differences come down to price.

If you don’t have an unlimited budget, Splashtop can save you 50% or more when compared to TeamViewer, but did you know that BeyondTrust Remote Support is even more expensive than TeamViewer?

When considering your budget, you can certainly do better than BeyondTrust Remote Support while still getting the features, functionality, and security you need by choosing Splashtop.

WebEx Remote

WebEx Remote was designed to be a digital support tool that can be activated by a button or link on a website, inside a product, or even within an email. Functionality includes remote printing, remote rebooting with reconnecting, and file transfer. There are also integrated video, voice, and chat services.

Unfortunately, WebEx Remote’s user interface isn’t that friendly, and many users have reported audio issues over non-WebEx platforms. Also transitioning from legacy WebEx systems to the new cloud-based platform is cumbersome.

Zoho Assist

With a wide range of tools, Zoho Assist allows you to create attended and unattended access (both outside and inside your LAN) to servers, PCs, laptops, and mobile devices.

Secure connections are established quickly, so it has advantages over TeamViewer in this respect. Zoho Assist also supports multiple monitors and can automatically detect active monitors, allowing you to navigate between different desktops and remotely control them. But in terms of negatives, the software is expensive, and there’s a rather steep learning curve. By contrast, Splashtop is easier to use and is a much better value as well.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

If you only deal with Windows devices, that could be a strong argument to use Microsoft Remote Desktop, which is Microsoft’s entrant into this software category. Microsoft Remote Desktop is an attractive solution for Windows PCs running Windows 10 Professional or Enterprise.

Microsoft Remote Desktop supports function keys as well as touch inputs and Windows gestures for touch-screen devices. Secure connections are assured, however, advanced features that enterprises might need are lacking, and the software is far from simple. On the plus side, it’s free, but given its applicability to just one OS, it’s an “apples-to-oranges” comparison to software like Splashtop.

In today’s world where individuals and businesses rely on computers, tablets, and mobile devices, many running on separate operating systems, it’s best to choose a remote desktop tool that enables cross-platform access.

ConnectWise ScreenConnect

In 2015, ConnectWise acquired remote control product ScreenConnect and renamed it ConnectWise ScreenConnect (formerly ConnectWise Control). Although individuals can use the software, ScreenConnect is designed to scale up (at a cost) for team use and is marketed specifically to companies that want to provide remote assistance to clients. ScreenConnect integrates with Google Analytics, Slack, FreshDesk, and other apps but is almost five times the cost of Splashtop and is thus comparatively expensive.

Which Program like TeamViewer Should You Get?

To wrap things up, many of the apps like TeamViewer on this list will give you the same key features. However, the big differences come down to price, performance, security, and customer service.

Splashtop stands out as the best value out of all the competitors while offering industry-leading security, a customer-first experience, and a high-performance remote access platform.

Splashtop guarantees 50% savings vs TeamViewer, and has an early start program for TeamViewer customers who want to switch to Splashtop before their TeamViewer license ends at no extra cost!

Try Splashtop for free

Start a free trial of Splashtop now to see why it is better than TeamViewer!

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Trevor Jackins Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Splashtop
Trevor Jackins
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