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College student using Splashtop's remote software on a tablet to access lab computers
Remote Learning & Education

How Schools Can Leverage Tablets to Enhance Remote Learning

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Leverage the tablets your students use to give them remote access to lab computers so they can access school resources from home!

iPad, Android, and Windows tablets offer huge potential for helping students learn. Schools have deployed tablets to students to improve their learning experience in the classroom. But in today’s world where more students are distance learning, how can schools and universities fully leverage students’ tablets?

While tablets can be great for accessing the internet, schools and universities can do much more to make tablets a powerful companion in the remote learning world.

For example, students at home are unable to access the resources they normally could on school lab computers. Applications for graphic design, video and audio production, and 3D modeling are vital to many students’ coursework. Usually, the only place students can access these programs is on school lab computers, meaning students are unable to access crucial software when learning remotely.

So what if there was a way you could give your students full access to those resources from their tablets while learning from home?

With Splashtop for remote labs, you can.

Remote Access from Tablets to Lab Computers

Splashtop for remote labs gives students the ability to remotely access lab computers from their own personal devices, including tablets.

Once in a remote desktop session, the student will be able to see the screen of the remote computer in real-time. They’ll be able to remotely control the computer from their tablet and run any application as if they were sitting in front of it.

The Lenawee Intermediate School District, Wayne State University, and Laney College are some of the many educational institutions using Splashtop to enable students to access school lab resources from their devices at home.

Want to see it for yourself? Contact us to schedule a demo and try it for free!

Not to mention – Teachers can also benefit from Splashtop by using remote desktop to access their work computers from their tablets and other devices.

Leverage your tablets, and give students remote access to school computers!

Bonus: Splashtop Tablet Tools for Inside the Classroom

With Splashtop’s full suite of remote desktop and screen sharing tools, teachers and students can utilize tablets to enhance the classroom experience as well.

One way teachers can increase engagement is by sharing the contents of their tablet to the class Mac or PC with Mirroring360, allowing them to roam the classroom while still being in control of the lesson content.

With Splashtop Classroom, teachers can remotely control the class computer from their iPad or Android tablet. Even better, students with their own tablet can see the lesson right on their own screen. Teachers can even allow students to take control of the lesson and annotate from their own device.

Learn more about all Splashtop solutions for education.

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