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How to Use Splashtop Remote Desktop to Ubuntu

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As more companies choose to work in hybrid settings and remote work becomes more normalized, organizations need to consider what types of devices and operating systems individuals are using when looking into remote desktop solutions.

While Mac and Windows are the more common operating systems for organizations to use for day-to-day work, some are using open-source alternatives like Ubuntu. There’s still a need for remote work for those organizations, so we’ll discuss how you can use Splashtop to remotely access an Ubuntu computer to work remotely.

Why Choose Splashtop for Ubuntu Remote Desktop

Regarding remote desktop solutions, Splashtop stands out as a premier choice for Ubuntu users. The platform has been meticulously designed to cater to personal and professional use cases, offering a seamless and secure remote desktop experience. Here are the key advantages of using Splashtop for Ubuntu:

Ease of Use and Installation

Splashtop's installation process is straightforward and user-friendly, making it accessible to users of all technical levels. Once installed, its intuitive interface allows for easy navigation and control. This simplicity in setup and operation eliminates the typical frustrations associated with remote desktop software, ensuring a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

Broad Compatibility

One of the standout features of Splashtop is its versatility in terms of device compatibility. Whether you’re accessing your Ubuntu machine from a Windows PC, a Mac, an iOS or Android smartphone, or a tablet, Splashtop ensures a consistent and reliable connection. This broad compatibility means you’re never limited by the device you have, offering unparalleled flexibility in how and where you access your Ubuntu desktop.

High-Performance Access

With Splashtop, the remote desktop experience is both smooth and responsive. Users enjoy high-performance access characterized by real-time interaction and minimal latency. This is particularly beneficial for tasks requiring high precision or speed, ensuring that your remote work is as efficient and effective as if you were physically present at your Ubuntu machine.

Enhanced Security

Security is a paramount concern in remote desktop access, and Splashtop addresses this with robust security measures. The platform employs industry-standard encryption protocols and two-factor authentication to ensure that all remote connections are secure and protected from unauthorized access. These security features provide peace of mind, knowing your data and remote sessions are safe.

Compatibility with Different Ubuntu Versions

Splashtop’s adaptability extends to its compatibility with various Ubuntu versions, making it a versatile choice for different users. It supports major releases, including:

  • Ubuntu Desktop 16.04

  • Ubuntu Desktop 18.04

  • Ubuntu Desktop 20.04

  • Ubuntu Desktop 22.04

This wide-ranging support ensures that regardless of the Ubuntu version, Splashtop can provide a stable and reliable remote desktop experience. This compatibility is a testament to Splashtop’s commitment to catering to a diverse user base, encompassing older systems and the latest Ubuntu releases.

How to Set Up Splashtop Remote Desktop for Ubuntu

  1. Start a free trial of Splashtop Business Access—no credit card is required!

  2. Install the Linux Streamer onto the Ubuntu computer you want to remote into.

  3. Install the Splashtop Business App onto the computer, tablet, or mobile device you would like to remote from. This App can be downloaded onto Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Chrome OS devices.

Once you complete these three simple steps, you can remotely access your Ubuntu device using any device you choose.

Accessing Your Ubuntu Desktop Remotely

Accessing your Ubuntu desktop remotely from the Splashtop app is simple. From your local device, open up the Splashtop Business App. Once that app is open, you’ll see a list of computers that you’re able to remote into. Your Ubuntu desktop with the streamer installed will be in that list (as well as all your other computers with the streamer installed). Double-click that device, and you’re all set to go.

The simplicity of this process and the speed of performance are a few reasons why Splashtop is a leading remote access software tool, specifically for Ubuntu users.

Benefits of Using Splashtop for Ubuntu

Splashtop offers a comprehensive remote desktop solution for Ubuntu users, blending convenience, performance, and security. Its key benefits include:

Unparalleled Accessibility and Productivity

Splashtop ensures easy and immediate access to your Ubuntu desktop from anywhere, using any device. This versatility is coupled with features like multiple monitor support, enhancing productivity by replicating your physical workspace in a virtual environment.

Robust Security and High-Performance Delivery

Security is a cornerstone of Splashtop’s design, featuring state-of-the-art encryption and options like two-factor authentication to protect your data and sessions. Performance-wise, users enjoy a responsive experience with high frame rates, crucial for real-time tasks, optimized even for low-bandwidth situations.

Furthermore, Splashtop’s affordability and scalability make it an ideal choice for many users, from individuals to large enterprises. Regular updates and dedicated support ensure the platform evolves with user needs and technological advancements.

In summary, Splashtop stands out as a secure, efficient, and user-friendly remote desktop solution, ideal for various Ubuntu users seeking reliable and seamless remote access.

Try Splashtop for Ubuntu Today

You can work from anywhere and access your Ubuntu desktop remotely with Splashtop. You'll enjoy working remotely from your remote Ubuntu desktop with robust features like high-quality remote desktop access, file transfer, and secure connections.

Interested in trying Splashtop? Sign up for a free trial—no credit card required.

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