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Remote Support Tools for MSPs

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Tools such as a remote support solution will help you provide top quality service to your customers, improve your work efficiency, and cut costs.

Your customers demand the best service from you. After all, as an MSP they expect you to keep their IT infrastructure running smoothly. If a problem arises, they’ll expect you to fix it immediately.

There are several tools and services that MSPs can use to help meet these customer expectations. Many have been shown to help MSP technicians work more efficiently and keep customer satisfaction high.

While there are several solutions an MSP could use, in this article we’re going to look at the two remote support tools we see as the most essential for a MSP:

  • Remote Access

  • Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM)

Remote Access for MSPs

Remote access allows you to connect to a customer’s computer remotely. Once connected, you can view the screen of that device and take control. Remote support solutions are remote access products that include features aimed at helping IT technicians perform support remotely. These features include file transferring, update management, activity logs, and others.

If you’re still providing support to your computers in-person, you’re falling behind your competitors. Most MSPs provide support remotely, and looking at the benefits, it’s not hard to see why.

Remote support capabilities mean you don’t have to travel to your client’s site when troubleshooting their devices. You can remote in from wherever you are. This cuts down on travel costs while eliminating the time it takes to resolve an issue.

There are many remote support solutions. As an MSP, you need to find the one that offers the features you need, performs at the level you expect, and doesn’t cost you a fortune.

Based on that, we firmly believe that Splashtop Remote Support is the best remote support solution and an essential tool for any MSP.

Why is Splashtop Remote Support an Essential Tool for MSPs?

  • High Performance Remote Access

    • Splashtop’s engine is one of the fastest, with real time connections and HD quality and sound.

  • Provide Unattended Support

    • Remotely access and support your customers’ devices even without an end-user present.

  • Provide Ad-hoc/Attended Support

    • Splashtop Remote Support lets you provide on-demand support and connect to the customer’s computer within seconds of receiving a request.

  • Easy Deployment

    • Create a deployment package and send it to all the devices you want to support. Once installed, you’ll be able to access those devices any time.

  • Best Price

    • Other remote support options cost a fortune, and some also hike their prices significantly year over year. Splashtop gives you the best price without the yearly price increases.

  • Tools and Features That Make Remote Support Easy

    • You can remote into your customers’ computers from any other device. Once connected, you can transfer files, print remotely, remote wake, and chat. You can also keep all users and computers organized into groups and manage their access permissions.

  • Endpoint Monitoring and Management Features. Splashtop Remote Support includes additional tools and features for MSPs, including configurable alerts, Windows updates, event logs, remote command, system inventory, and more. You can also enable end-user access for up to 50 of your customers so they can remotely access their own computers managed under your account.

Splashtop Remote Support has been chosen by hundreds of MSPs. Many point out the quality of the remote connections as well as the low cost when comparing to other products.


Other than remote access, perhaps the other most essential tool for MSPs is a Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM) solution.

RMMs help you manage all devices and servers that you support. RMMs will monitor the activity and status of the devices you support. This helps MSPs stay proactive about supporting customer devices.

There are many RMM solutions available, and each offer a wide range of features. Some even include remote access features. In fact, several RMM solutions have partnered with Splashtop to include our powerful remote support tools to their packages, including:

  • Datto

  • Naverisk

  • Atera

  • NinjaOne

  • Ivanti

Other than remote access, RMMs are great for tracking the network and device security, automating tasks, creating activity reports, automating alerts and tickets.


Your customer trusts you with their IT infrastructure. You need to make sure you have the tools in place to 1) keep your customers’ devices and networks running smooth, and 2) provide support as soon as an issue arises.

Having a tool like Splashtop Remote Support will ensure you can support your customers’ computers and servers at any time, from anywhere. You can try Splashtop Remote Support’s free 7-day trial now.

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