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How MSPs Using NinjaOne Can Enable Customers to Remotely Access Their Work Computers

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The Coronavirus outbreak has led to a global push for companies to enable their employees to work from home. This is a precaution that employers took to keep employees and their families safe, and it is the trend going forward. Splashtop, a remote access and remote support tool, has been in a unique position to help employees be productive while working from home, and help with their business continuity plan.

Enable customers to work from home with Splashtop Business Access Pro

Are your customers working remotely as well? You can help them be productive and remotely access their work computers without any additional installations. You can leverage the streamer that’s already installed as part of the NinjaOne agent, and allow your customers to access the computers remotely from their own devices.

It takes just 4 easy steps:

This way, you can provide secure remote access as an added service for your customers and get an additional revenue stream. Our NinjaOne support page provides detailed instructions on how.

About Splashtop Business Access Pro

Splashtop provides the most trusted, reliable, and secure remote access tools for business professionals and large teams. Users can connect to their Windows, Mac or Linux computers from their home computer and even iOS and Android devices. Splashtop’s remote access session provides features like multi-to-muti monitor support, session recording, chat, share desktop, remote reboot and many more!

Splashtop is offering teams up to 25% off in support of work from home initiatives. Read all you need to know about Splashtop Business Access.

Do you also need to support computers and mobile devices that are not managed under NinjaOne? Check out Splashtop SOS for attended and unattended support.

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