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How to Balance Cost-Cutting and IT Efficiency with Splashtop

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As teams are gearing up to plan for the new fiscal year, external pressures are making their way into major decision-making processes. The general economic climate is causing reductions in many major business decisions—which include staffing considerations and budget cuts. 

With these constraints applying pressure to IT leaders, how can they build processes to help their teams stay efficient despite the lack of resources? One way to do this is by consolidating major tools and functions to help both reduce costs and maintain IT team efficiency.  

The Current State of IT: Increased Demand, Decreasing Budgets 

All teams, and not just IT, are seeing an increase in cost-saving initiatives and the pressure to do more with less. Teams are more focused on finding ways to automate regular tasks, consolidate major tools, and reduce spending.  

Despite these constrictions pressuring teams, performance is still expected to remain as usual, if not exceed previous years. The increasing pressure of high performance with fewer resources can cause a major strain on IT leaders.  

Pushing IT teams too thin can increase the chance of employee burnout, absenteeism, and even employee turnover. Leaders need to find the right balance for maintaining IT efficiency despite the cut to resources. Finding cost-efficient ways to maintain productivity, like automation and tool consolidation, is one of the best ways to keep your lean team running smoothly. 

Balancing the Scales with Splashtop Enterprise 

Splashtop Enterprise is the perfect balance to help maintain cost efficiency and team productivity. Splashtop Enterprise is an all-in-one solution for your remote access, remote support, and device management needs.  

Not only can Splashtop help consolidate major IT functions, but it’s also cost-efficient as well. Adopting Splashtop Enterprise can help minimize the number of tools you pay for and reduce overall costs with its flexible licensing model. 

How Splashtop Helps Overcome Cost-Cutting Challenges 

The great thing about Splashtop Enterprise is the flexibility. Businesses are unique and organizations have different needs, which is why Splashtop Enterprise’s flexible licensing model works well for businesses of all sizes.  

Splashtop Enterprise’s flexible licensing model includes technician licensing for remote support and endpoint management (licensed per concurrent technician), and end-user licensing for remote work (priced per user). 

Splashtop customers are able to pick and choose how many of each license they want based on their unique needs. 

The technician licenses are licensed per concurrent technician. This model allows for up to 300 managed endpoints per technician license. Paying only per concurrent technician is a major benefit of Splashtop Enterprise—you only pay for what you use. Other similar providers require paying for a license per technician, which may be overkill for some IT teams.  

Likewise, if your IT team is responsible for enabling users to remotely access their workstations for remote work, the end-user licensing option allows you to do that. End-users will be able to leverage Splashtop high-performance remote connection, with all the top features such as file transfer, multi-monitor support, and more, to work remotely. 

By giving you the flexibility to choose the number of each license type you need, Splashtop Enterprise ensures you only pay for exactly what you need, saving you hundreds or even thousands when compared to other products for remote support, end-user remote access, and endpoint management. 

In addition to flexible pricing, Splashtop can also help reduce costs in other ways. Here’s how: 

  • Minimizes physical infrastructure: IT can physically consolidate devices in one place when your entire team has the flexibility to work remotely. This can save money on overhead in the form of office space or storage. 

  • Reduces the need for on-site IT support: Assisting team members through remote support reduces the need for technicians to be on site. Technicians can save time by only traveling to sites when necessary, which saves your company money on travel expenses and improves your IT team’s efficiency by reducing resolution times. 

  • Consolidate IT tech stack: Software licensing is expensive, and purchasing multiple licenses for different software can add up. Splashtop helps by consolidating major IT functions into one tool with a flexible licensing model—you only pay for what you use. 

How Splashtop Enterprise Boosts IT Efficiency 

Splashtop Enterprise has the versatility to manage the demands of a variety of changes, and it’s designed with IT users in mind. The goal here is for IT teams to boost efficiency and streamline processes when needed. Here are a few ways this manifests itself. 

  • Customize workflows with integrations: The Splashtop platform integrates with other popular software such as Datto, Jira, and ServiceNow. Custom workflows can help teams craft processes that work well for their specific team structure and workflow. 

  • Automated events and configurable alerts: Automation is the key to a fast-moving and efficient IT team. Manual, recurring tasks are a waste of a technician's time, and if they can be automated, they should be. Automated events and configurable alerts can help to manage a fleet of devices quickly, without much effort from a technician. 

  • Tool consolidation: Frequently switching between tools can kill productivity and minimize the momentum of work. Consolidating tools helps to minimize the amount of back and forth you have to do between different applications, which can increase both productivity and focus. 

With efficiency at the forefront, adopting a remote support tool like Splashtop Enterprise can help assist your team in developing efficient practices, and scale when the time is right. 

Get Started with Splashtop Enterprise 

If your IT teams are being tasked with doing more with less, now’s the time to consider remote support software that can provide every team with the features they need. Splashtop Enterprise offers high-performance features for any device, plus a flexible pricing model so teams only pay for what they use.  

Try Splashtop Enterprise for free yourself and see how it works firsthand.  

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