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How Tool Consolidation Improves IT Support Productivity

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Systems administrators go through the process of managing hundreds, and sometimes thousands of different devices. Managing this many endpoints requires various software to help understand and maintain different types of devices and operating systems. Managing multiple tools and switching back and forth from different software to manage those endpoints is inefficient and an unsustainable practice.  

Adopting a tool like Splashtop Enterprise can help consolidate major IT functions and streamline processes by minimizing the amount of tool switching a technician needs to do.  

Why is Tool Consolidation So Important? 

It’s not unusual to adopt new tools as needs arise. It makes sense—you need a solution quickly so you add something that solves the problem. However, this process doesn’t consider the scalability and interconnectivity of each tool and how it functions within the entire workflow. IT teams may have one tool to manage endpoints, a separate software for helpdesk support, and another software for remote access. 

Connecting single-use software like this can cause issues with certain integrations and partnering with other tools. Some tools may integrate with others, but if there’s one tool in your tech stack that doesn’t integrate, it can cause more manual work in your process and introduce more room for error.  

The other thing to consider is that adding additional tools into your tech stack means adding potential security risk. For every new tool that you add into your tech stack, IT teams need to evaluate the security of each tool to ensure that it aligns with their team’s security guidelines, in addition to understanding how the tool manages customer data.  

It’s not unusual for the average worker to switch between 10 different apps a day, but doing so can decrease productivity. A 2021 study found that switching apps can make individuals 26% less efficient. Splashtop can help minimize the amount of app switching IT support teams have to do by consolidating commonly used functions into one application and syncing information from other apps into one place. 

Key Splashtop Features That Help Consolidate IT Functions 

Splashtop Enterprise can help to consolidate major IT functions technicians conduct on a day-to-day basis. Let's take a look at how Splashtop can help to consolidate your IT tech stack.  

Service Desk Console Provides Quicker Overview of Remote Sessions and Enhances Workflows 

The Splashtop Service Desk console helps technicians clearly see the status of current sessions, who’s receiving help, and what’s happening with each of those sessions. 

The Service Desk console also provides a variety of different ways for technicians to connect with an end user. Technicians can choose whether to share an invitation link or a 6-digit PIN code to connect. With the link, end users can download the Splashtop app and launch it to connect.  

Once users connect to Splashtop, technicians can easily see the status change from “Waiting” to “Active” in the Splashtop Service Desk console. Once the session is active, technicians can request permission to connect by choosing “Start Remote Session.” This dialogue prompts the end user to reject or grant permission to the technician.  

With multiple technicians, the Service Desk console provides a high-level overview of sessions that are in progress, or need to be completed. Technicians can quickly identify what users need help next and create a consistent workflow of support, with less breaks in between.  

Manage and Maintain Endpoints Remotely 

Managing thousands of endpoints is no easy feat, and ensuring there are enough technicians to support every end user is a tough task for just one person. Luckily, Splashtop provides support channels and session routing to ensure end users receive the right technician for the support they need.  

Within Splashtop, IT teams can organize endpoints on the back end by a specific category, such as device types, operating systems, or physical locations. This ensures that end users receive the appropriate support from someone with expertise for that specific device. When a support call comes in, Splashtop can help route those calls to a designated technician to support those devices or problems. 

Support channels also provide the ability to create more efficient 1-to-many actions for technicians. Technicians can easily pick and choose what devices receive certain actions, applications, updates, or maintenance. Should iOS have a new update, technicians can go in and update hundreds of devices simultaneously without having to manually pick and update each device.  

All these capabilities are available remotely, saving technicians the hassle of traveling to end users for support. End users can expect much faster resolution times, as their issues are routed to specialized technicians faster, and can receive help from more than one individual when necessary.  

Augmented Reality Helps Provide Skilled Technicians More Reach 

Skilled technicians are hard to come by—getting them on site to assess a problem might not be worth the effort when their valuable skills can be used more effectively. This problem can be solved with the help of augmented reality.  

Augmented reality helps to provide both skilled and field technicians the agency to solve more problems while minimizing the amount of travel that needs to happen. Field technicians can go in, diagnose an issue, or even fix simple issues without the need of assistance. If a more skilled technician is needed, they can call in and ask for assistance with the issue via augmented reality. This helps minimize the amount of travel and problems a more skilled technician is responsible for, and they’re able to dedicate their time where their expertise is needed the most.  

Consolidate Tools and Increase Productivity With Splashtop Enterprise 

Interested in consolidating your IT support tech stack? Splashtop Enterprise makes remote device management easy for both technicians and end users. With easy-to-communicate ways to connect to end users and ways to organize sessions, Splashtop can help streamline common IT support capabilities and minimize the number of tools required.  

Try Splashtop Enterprise for free and see how you can consolidate your IT support workflow.  

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