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Young girl wearing a protective face mask while attending school as a precaution against Covid-19
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Back to School COVID Safe with Remote Access Solutions

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Prepare for an Unusual Back to School with Splashtop Remote Access Solutions for Education

In quarterly earnings reports to Wall Street last April, Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella said that we have seen two years‘ worth of digital transformation in two months. Fast-forwarding to this August, this transformation has accelerated ten times, especially in academic industries where change and adaptation usually occur at a slow space. Almost overnight, academic IT and operation leaders were asked to upgrade their school tech stacks to help faculty and students remotely access critical on-campus resources from home.

While there were many challenges, these were the biggest:

  1. Accessing computer labs machine and high-end software

  2. Providing support to students and academic staff

  3. Adaptation to new technology & BYOD

  4. Urgency & Cost

  5. Scalability & Security

We can help. As a remote access leader for educational institutions, Splashtop has a track record of helping academic establishments prepare and switch to remote learning. These include K-12 schools, colleges, and universities like Stanford, Harvard Law, Laney College, Wayne State University, Cornell, and many more.

How? With Splashtop Remote Access Solutions for Education > The Secure and Affordable Remote Access, Remote Support, and Collaboration Solution for Modern Educational Institutions.

Splashtop remote access solutions for education offers:

  1. Affordable and secure remote access to computer Labs. This includes remote access to both Windows and Macs as well as high-end software like CAD and Adobe Creative Cloud

  2. Scalable remote access to in-office computers for academic staff

  3. Fast and efficient remote support tools to assist staff and students

  4. Collaboration tools leveraging BYOD or academic Chromebooks for interactive and productive classroom sessions

And, all these features come with robust security, easy onboarding, and rates often 70% lower than other solutions.

Beyond the tech, Splashtop remote solutions were designed with a mission and a higher purpose.

As Splashtop’s Chief Evangelist Mark Lee said in a recent release, we view Splashtop “as an important tool in the democratization of education technology, and as a way to level the playing field for all students, because when access to remote learning is affordable and easy to manage, it means that everyone has equal access to the latest and greatest hardware and software available.” Remote learning is here to stay, and Splashtop is on a mission to make it remotely accessible to all.


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