Video: Enhance Distance Learning with Splashtop Remote Access for Students, Faculty, and IT

Access to university computer resources is crucial for successful remote learning. Students need to be able to access lab computers, and faculty members must be able to access their workstations from home. Luckily, Splashtop makes all of this possible.

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Splashtop is the easy, high-performance, cost-effective remote access solution that educational institutions worldwide are using to adapt to online remote learning. Splashtop benefits students, faculty members, and IT admins.

Student Remote Access to School Lab Computers

Splashtop allows students to use any of their personal devices to remotely access and control high-end lab computers. That means they can still use processor intensive applications such as those needed for coding, video editing, and building 3D models, without physically being in the lab.

Faculty and Staff Access to School Computers

Splashtop enables faculty to remote into their on-campus computers from any personal computer or mobile device to prepare for and teach classes from anywhere in the world.

For IT Admins Managing and Supporting Devices

For IT admins, Splashtop makes things easy with remote access that is set up and managed through a centralized admin console. Additionally, with Splashtop SOS, if a user needs IT assistance during a session, admins can quickly remote in and resolve the issue in real time.

Maintenance is also quick and easy, as admins can remote into on-campus computers and do their jobs without the presence of an end-user. Best of all, deploying and using Splashtop is effortless!

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