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How to use Microsoft Office on Chromebook with Remote Access

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Splashtop lets you remotely control Windows and Mac computers from a Chromebook. Remote in and run any Microsoft Office application with ease. Try it for free!

Chromebooks offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional laptop computers for remote students and workers. Chromebooks leverage popular online resources such as the Google Drive since Chrome OS requires users to do almost all their work over an internet connection rather than through local software applications.

Although these online tools are versatile and useful, local software programs such as the desktop versions of the Microsoft Office apps are irreplaceable.

The desktop versions of Microsoft Office allow you to store and access local files. Furthermore, some essential functions and features are aren’t available in the online versions.

So how can you get the benefits of the desktop version of Microsoft Office while working from a Chromebook?

With Splashtop, you are able to access the full version of Microsoft Office by remotely accessing another computer from your Chromebook. During a remote session, you can access all of the locally stored files and software on the remote Windows or Mac computer. You’ll see the screen of the remote computer in real time and use it as if you were sitting right in front of it.

This makes Splashtop the ideal solution for accessing Microsoft Office from your Chromebook, which can help students and workers stay productive as they work in a remote setting.

Here’s how you get started:

How To Use Microsoft Office on a Chromebook with Splashtop

Step 1: Get Started with Splashtop for Free

With Splashtop Business Access you can access your remote computer from any Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, or Chromebook device. Start your free trial now (no credit card or commitment required) and follow the set up instructions!

Once you create your Splashtop account, get the free Splashtop Business Android App from the Google Play store. Or you can get the app from the Chrome Web Store if your Chromebook doesn’t support Android applications.

Step 2: Remotely Access Your Windows or Mac Computer from your Chromebook

Once you’re set up, you can launch remote connections to your computer with just a click. Open the Splashtop Business App on your Chromebook and then select the remote computer you want to access.

Step 3: Start Running Any Microsoft Office App With Ease

You’ll then see the screen of your remote computer in real time and be able to take control as if you were right in front of it. You can then open any Microsoft Office program to create a new project, or open any of your saved files to continue working on one from before.

Get Splashtop for Your Chromebooks Now

With Splashtop, the only thing you’ll need to be able to use Microsoft Office on your Chromebook is an internet connection. Schools and businesses can easily deploy Splashtop to their users as well.

If you’re an individual user…

Start a free trial of Splashtop Business Access and follow the steps above!

If you’re a business with remote workers using Chromebooks…

Splashtop offers volume discounts for businesses that want to enable employees to work remotely. Start a free trial now.

If you’re a school or college with students who use Chromebooks…

Splashtop offers remote access tools for distance learning and remote computer lab access! With Splashtop, students can access school computers from their Chromebooks so they can run any Microsoft Office app. Contact us to learn more.

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