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Splashtop for Remote Labs Is Enhanced to Simplify the Management of Remote Access to Computer Labs at Universities and Schools

On-campus computing resources become more widely available, and computer lab investments better optimized, during COVID-19 pandemic

SAN JOSE, Calif., August 11, 2020—Splashtop Inc., a leader in remote access and remote support solutions, today announced an update to its Splashtop for Remote Labs product aimed at helping students get back to school by providing greater flexibility and control over education computer lab resources. Now, students, faculty, and staff can more easily use any computing device—including inexpensive Chromebooks and tablets—to access crucial on-campus computers and software, while more robust scheduling capabilities will allow education institutions to maximize their computer lab resource investments.

“As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to limit physical access to many educational facilities, the need for remote learning and hybrid learning options is increasing demand for easy, secure remote access to campus computer labs,” said Splashtop CEO Mark Lee. “With our Splashtop for Remote Labs enhancements, universities, community colleges, and K-12 schools can optimize the use of their computer lab resources while enabling more users to remotely access lab-based Mac and Windows computers and software using any personal computing device.”

Today’s computer labs serve multiple functions, including:

  • Universities and colleges, in particular, use computer labs to house expensive workstations running specialized software—e.g., 3D design and modeling tools such as AutoCAD and Revit or high-resolution multimedia creation and editing tools like Adobe Premiere Pro and Illustrator.

  • Community colleges and high schools also devote computer lab resources to these same engineering and design applications. They also use other software in Career and Technical Education (CTE) certificate programs, which qualify students for skilled jobs right out of school.

  • In K-12 schools, computer labs play an important role in helping to bridge the digital divide, providing all students with access from inexpensive Chromebook computers or tablets to workstations running software including Microsoft Office, CAD/CAM applications, and Adobe Creative Suite.

New Features Focus on Scheduling, Permissions, and Security

The enhanced Splashtop for Remote Labs product enables IT admins to:

  • Schedule the use of specific computers or labs by individuals or groups of students, which increases access to computer lab resources and maximizes their usage.

  • Create and manage user and computer groups rather than assigning access permissions at the individual computer level.

  • Enable the use of Single Sign-On (SSO) credentials to authenticate Splashtop accounts, which strengthens security.

  • Use a central deployment tool to install and provision Splashtop software on all the computers in a campus lab at once, rather than one at a time.

When Wayne State University’s College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts (CFPCA) shut down with the COVID-19 pandemic, students lost physical access to the lab computers running specific software they needed for their courses,” said Chris Gilbert, application technical analyst at CFPCA. “The Splashtop for Remote Labs solution, which we installed as an emergency measure in the spring, allowed the students to complete their term of study. We’re looking forward to implementing the new Splashtop features in the upcoming school year, to deploy and administer computer lab software access more easily to even to more students.”

Universities, colleges, and schools using Splashtop for Remote Labs can achieve important benefits, including:

  • Splashtop for Remote Labs works with inexpensive Chromebooks and tablets, so more low-income students can access lab computers for a fraction of the cost of providing higher-performing laptops.

  • Students and researchers gain 24/7 remote access to software that requires specialized hardware, without being restricted to computer labs’ open hours or having to go on campus to use the computing resources.

  • Schools and colleges can better leverage the hardware and software they already have rather than having to purchase additional resources—because each workstation is more widely utilized.

  • Distance learning and hybrid learning strategies become practical and affordable for more educational institutions.

  • Because Splashtop fees are based on the number of concurrent users, not the total number of named users, it is very affordable for schools and universities to provide widespread access to computer lab resources.

“We view Splashtop for Remote Labs as an important tool in the democratization of education technology, as a way to level the playing field for all students,” said Lee. “When access to computer lab resources is affordable and easy to manage, it means that everyone has equal access to the latest and greatest hardware and software available.”

The new Splashtop for Remote Labs features are now available. Existing Splashtop for Remote Labs customers can contact the company to discuss an upgrade path to the new features.

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