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Education programs thrive with Splashtop's enhanced remote access
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5 Ways Remote Access Enhances Education Programs

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The education industry has been transformed in recent years. Those who grew up in traditional schools where a teacher stands in front of a group of students to teach a lesson would be stunned by a visit to today’s classrooms. Schools today are digitally savvy and are leveraging technology to extend the classroom beyond the physical campus, providing greater value and enhanced learning to students.

Remote access is one such technology that enhances K-12, higher education, career technical education (CTE), community college, training and other programs in multiple ways:

1. Ensures continuity in emergencies

Remote access technology enables educational institutions to be prepared for the “what-if” scenarios. Some of these scenarios include – excessive snowfall, wildfires, various other natural emergencies or, the campus needing to be shut down for any reason. With remote access, “what-if” scenarios move from an area of potential concern to part of the normal operating model. Schools are able to easily switch from in-person to remote learning seamlessly without impacting productivity. And, students can continue to do their coursework and assignments from the safety of their homes. With remote access tools in place, students and educational staff are able to use the same computers and software that they would in school, from any device at home.

“It (Splashtop) is a good solution for people working at home - they don’t have to physically come in if they don’t want to or they can’t. It gives us the ability to have access for people who have medical issues. There are tons of cases where people can’t come in. We haven’t had that tool to be able to access the computers anytime. Adding Splashtop gives us the ability to have 24-hour access.”
- Jason Deadman, Computer Services Helpdesk Technician at Confederation College

2. Helps students reach their full potential

In the traditional classroom setting, students miss out on learning if they aren’t able to be physically present in school. They could be unwell, enrolled in a distance learning program or even need more time to complete their projects. By having 24/7 remote access to labs, students can have some control over the time, place, method and pace of learning, and excel at their coursework.

“There’s a huge advantage allowing students to use the animation and game-design applications whenever they want to, even if it’s at 2am while eating cold pizza in their bedrooms. The more fluid access to the lab software has turned out to accelerate the process for many of our students”
- Kathryn Bradley, Teacher at Asheville High School

3. Achieves technological equality among students

Not all students have access to the powerful computers and licensed software applications they need for their coursework at home. In the scenarios mentioned above, their learning is hampered when they need to learn remotely. With remote computer access, students and teachers can access and use any device (iPad, Mac, Windows, Chromebook, etc.) and remote into on-campus computers and use them anytime they need, just as if they were physically in the classroom.

“We found it (Splashtop) as a COVID solution, but we are already realizing that it is an equity solution in the long-run. It gives all students equal access to our labs and software. All of our students can engage with the curriculum at their own time. For example, athletes can log in after school when they can’t stay back (in the lab) because of practice. It levels the playing field, especially with getting access to (applications like) Adobe.”
- Duane Roberson, CTE Director, Colorado Springs School District 11

4. Optimizes existing investments

By enabling remote access to on-campus labs outside of the traditional lab hours, schools can maximize ROI on their existing investments. Schools can transform their physical computer labs into hybrid labs without investing in new computing resources.

“Nothing changed from what the computers were before. We just installed Splashtop, and the students can (remotely) use Logic Pro, Pro Tools, lots of different plug-ins, and all the things they can use on-campus. Now students access the computers out of those (computer lab) hours. It’s just very, very practical.”
- Natalia Milanezi, Senior Audio Technician at Abbey Road Institute London

5. Enables effective IT support

IT professionals have the daunting task of ensuring lab computers are up-to-date, as well as providing technical support to students and teachers wherever they are. That means supporting a wide range of devices and getting through many requests every day. With remote access, IT professionals can quickly remote in, troubleshoot and resolve issues instantly, improving productivity for everyone involved.

“(Before Splashtop) we were missing the ability to see what the people on the other end of the phone were doing. As you can imagine, it is nearly impossible to instruct a child to do manual resets and fix other tech issues without seeing the device. Splashtop made our support sessions go much more quickly than without it. It’s been invaluable!”
- Tracy Dilossi, Systems Administrator / Technology Support, Ridley School District

Why Splashtop is the preferred remote access solution for educational institutions

Splashtop Enterprise provides remote access solutions that are tailored to the needs of educational institutions. It is a more superior alternative to VPNs, and other remote access solutions. With Splashtop, you get:

  • Robust security features

  • High-performance and low latency remote sessions that enable students to effectively perform tasks like coding, creating videos, 3D drawings, animations, graphics and so on.

  • An intuitive platform that is easy to set up, manage and use. The IT team can deploy it very quickly, and students and teachers can start using it right away without any training. In fact,

    , Spring 2021.

  • An all-in-one solution to enable remote access to computers labs, and provide remote support to teachers and students.

  • The best customer service in the industry, with a net promoter score (NPS) of 93.

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