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5 Reasons Why Splashtop is Better Than BeyondTrust Appliance

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Learn how Splashtop is a better value remote support solution than BeyondTrust Appliance, offering more flexibility and scalability for your IT team.

IT teams have a lot to think about when it comes to choosing the right remote access software for their organization. From overall cost, to licensing and deployment options, it can be difficult to make an informed choice. Especially when you’re comparing some of the highest rated solutions on the market.

At Splashtop, we aim to make every aspect of your journey as easy as possible. Which is why we’re breaking down the top five reasons to switch to Splashtop Enterprise from BeyondTrust Appliance.

BeyondTrust is one of the top remote support tools for IT. But, when it comes down to it, IT teams get far more with Splashtop Enterprise at a better value than BeyondTrust Appliance. Let’s get into it.

1. Splashtop offers you better value overall than BeyondTrust Appliance

Splashtop provides the security, performance and usability IT teams and end-users need at a better value than BeyondTrust.

BeyondTrust Appliance (formerly known as Bomgar Appliance) offers privileged remote access via a centralized platform for session management and access control. While their on-premise deployment aims to keep important data behind your company’s firewall, it doesn’t offer much room for flexibility or scale.

Splashtop Enterprise is an all-in-one tool, incorporating both remote access and remote support with flexible pricing. Enterprise is a simple, easy-to-use solution, with a user-friendly interface, automatic upgrades and intuitive features like:

  • SSO integration

  • Service desk

  • Splashtop Connector (jump point)

  • Camera sharing with AR annotation

How Splashtop Enterprise gives you more value without stretching your IT budget

No annual maintenance fees: Splashtop offers everything listed above at a lower cost than BeyondTrust, without charging maintenance fees. The initial fee for BeyondTrust’s perpetual license is expensive, but it’s not your only cost. Their yearly maintenance fees add up. With Splashtop, all of that is incorporated in your annual subscription fee. What you see is what you get.

BeyondTrust’s perpetual licensing means they have to charge maintenance fees in order to provide users with necessary improvements. By offering subscription-based licensing, we can automatically upgrade any bugs or new features. You always have the best version of Splashtop, instantly.

Broad device support: Splashtop products are designed so you can remotely access both physical and virtual environments from any device. That’s why our products are compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and Chrome. We deliver reliable, consistent performance across devices.

Support for large-scale environments: Handling a vast number of endpoints has never
been simpler. Our platform, known for its high performance and scalability, effortlessly
manages over 100,000 endpoints.

Robust security and compliance: Splashtop Enterprise offers industry-leading security with features like SSO, 2FA, storing session recording in cloud, group-based management, industry standard encryption and granular controls. With Enterprise, you even have the option to deploy and manage Bitdefender Antivirus for endpoint security.

The standard security features provided by Splashtop can help your IT team maximize their efforts while maintaining strong cybersecurity. Plus, Splashtop supports ISO 27001, SOC 2, GDPR, and more industry compliances.

Easy to deploy, manage and scale in any environment: On top of all that, Splashtop is easy to deploy, manage, scale and use without any training. With both on-prem and cloud options, Splashtop is easily adaptable to your environment.

If consistent, high-performing remote connections and superior usability are what you’re looking for, Splashtop Enterprise is the software for you.

2. Subscription vs Perpetual Licensing

In the world of remote access software, there’s a place for both subscription and perpetual licensing. The more traditional model is perpetual licensing, where you purchase a single license without an expiration date. It works great if you’re purchasing a product that doesn’t need frequent updates or additional features.

The increasingly popular model (especially for cloud-based solutions) is subscription-based licensing. With subscription-based licensing, users purchase the right to use software for a set billing period. They’re usually billed either monthly or annually.

The answer to subscription vs. perpetual licensing largely depends on your organization’s needs. However, the pandemic taught IT teams that it’s imperative to have a solution in place that’s flexible enough to scale at a moment’s notice. Subscription software offers that flexibility, perpetual licensing doesn’t.

At Splashtop, we’re committed to providing our users with the most value. That’s why we offer an annual subscription, which costs less overall than BeyondTrust’s perpetual licensing while offering more flexibility.

“After using Splashtop and seeing how beneficial it was, we decided to make the switch from BeyondTrust. We saved several thousand dollars.” Steve Burdick, System Admin / President, Galveston Computer Solutions LLC

3. Cloud vs on-premise deployment

On-premise deployment is a great option for organizations that need to work independently and host remote access software on their own servers. It also suits organizations that have an individual security policy and need data to remain within the company network.

The downside to on-premise: Managing an internal infrastructure is often difficult, time consuming, and expensive. This makes it nearly impossible to scale quickly.

With the rise in remote and hybrid work, many organizations have been shifting to cloud-based remote access for more flexibility. With a cloud solution, there’s no need to manage internal infrastructure. It allows organizations to scale quickly in response to demand.

While we sing the praises cloud-based remote access, we know that some organizations need to have their IT team self-host and self-manage a solution. That’s why Splashtop offers on-prem deployment too.

4. Superior customer service

Splashtop is a customer-driven product first and foremost. Not only do we make it easy to get in touch with us, but we respond quickly as well. Our customer satisfaction isn’t just a benchmark, it’s a core value. We even make it easy for you to change or cancel your subscription. When we say world class customer service is our mission both pre- and post-sale, we mean it.

Splashtop consistently comes out ahead of the competition when it comes to customer satisfaction, winning top satisfaction awards from G2, TrustRadius, and more. While our competitors have a reputation for low response rates, we’ve made quick, efficient customer support one of our top goals. No matter the size of your company, Splashtop ensures that you can talk directly to an expert with instant global support.

“The premium price tag from BeyondTrust and their lack of responsiveness when needing quotes or renewals has been horrible.” – Steve Burdick, System Admin / President, Galveston Computer Solutions LLC

5. Built for IT support and end-user remote access

BeyondTrust Appliance is primarily designed for IT support functionality, with features like privileged access controls and simplified audit and compliance.

Splashtop Enterprise, on the other hand, is built for both IT support and end-user remote access:

  • IT Support – Enterprise makes it easy to mass deploy, update and scale with support features like attended and unattended control, and integration with ticketing and PSA systems. All at a lower price point than BeyondTrust Appliance.

  • End user access – Enterprise also provides end users with HD quality, fast connections in real-time, plus multiple concurrent sessions. With remote access features including USB device redirection, remote print, multi-monitor support and session recording, your end users will love Splashtop’s remote access features.

On top of our standard features Enterprise also offers RDP connection through Splashtop Connector and camera sharing with AR capabilities through Splashtop AR.

Bottom line: Gain a better value product with more flexibility by switching over to Splashtop Enterprise

BeyondTrust Appliance is a solid tool for IT teams. But, if you’re interested in a more flexible option at a better value, then Splashtop Enterprise is the solution for you. Enjoy an all-in-one tool that’s not only designed for IT support, but also gives you remote access features like USB device redirection and multi-monitor support. With Splashtop Enterprise you get all this and more, while maintaining industry standard security and compliance.

We make it easy to try with a free trial before you buy, so you can experience Splashtop before committing to switch. Whenever you’re ready to make the move, Splashtop is easy to deploy so the switch from BeyondTrust is effortless.

Contact us now to learn more about, schedule a demo, or start a free trial of Splashtop Enterprise!

Learn more about why Splashtop is the Best BeyondTrust Remote Support alternative.

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