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Top 3 Ways Remote Access Can Improve Media and Entertainment Workflows

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Remote work is nothing new for the Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry. In fact, M&E adopted remote work long before the pandemic with a gradual transition to IP remote production. A new, more efficient way for M&E professionals to work was born from a scarcity of specialized talent, new technology, and the demand for tailor-made content.

Whether you are a freelancer or a big production studio, the power to access high-end workstations from anywhere is key to producing and delivering content at a high pace, maximized efficiency, and reduced costs.

In this blog post, we’ll highlight three ways you can use a secure, high-performance remote solution to improve Media and Entertainment workflows.

1. Unleash creativity

Creatives need the freedom to find inspiration in the world around them and the power to turn that inspiration into videos, 3D animations, music, TV shows, games, and more.

When the right idea hits, you want to be connected to your high-end workstation so you can make it come alive. A secure and high-performing remote solution, like Splashtop, enables you to access these resources without physically being in the studio or the office.

Safely use your own device (including tablets and smartphones) to remotely connect to your workstation. Then use any resource-intensive software, just like you’re in there. You can even remotely access 3rd party devices, like Wacom tablets, with Splashtop’s USB-redirection feature.

“Splashtop Enterprise enables all our artists to use high-end workstations remotely from their home office. The team loves having access to [Wacom] pens and tablets as well as software like Adobe Suite, Maya, and ToonBoom through the remote connection.” – Andres Reyes, Chief Technology Officer at Boxel Studio

2. Take productivity to the next level

In Media & Entertainment, competition is fierce and business models are constantly evolving around the changing demand of consumers. Production companies are called to do more with less, at a much faster pace.

The ability to securely log into powerful workstations from any device, anywhere allows for more efficient use of time and resources, consequently increasing productivity.

Production professionals can leverage the power of 4K streaming at 60 fps to edit, animate, lip-sync, or render projects at their own convenience, by accessing any software from their personal devices.

Meanwhile, production studios can securely schedule remote sessions with different users to maximize the return on investment of creative assets.

“With Splashtop, our editors experience little to no lag, just as if they were in the office. The remote controls are easy and user-friendly.” – Mike Marsh, IT Manager at Warner Bros. International Television Production, New Zealand

3. Remove geographical barriers and enable cooperation among talents

Highly skilled professionals are not only hard to find, but they might be on the other side of the world. Cloud and on-prem remote solutions allow you to access a much wider talent pool, enabling professionals to cooperate seamlessly, regardless of their location.

They can log into the same creative workstation and operate remotely using their own devices while saving their work directly on the machine they are connecting to. This enables a much smoother and safer production process, especially when multiple creatives need to contribute to the same project.

By offering a remote work option, Boxel Studio was able to hire internationally without covering relocation expenses. CTO, Andres Reyes said, “Now we offer better salaries because those savings can be spread across the workforce. It’s one of the major efficiencies we’ve experienced with Splashtop.”

Media and Entertainment success stories

“[With Splashtop] the performance of the studio never dropped, even during lockdown. It’s about consistency and business continuity no matter which part of the world you are in.” – Andres Reyes, Chief Technology Officer, Boxel Studio

Would you like to know how other M&E companies, including Adobe, have successfully increased speed and efficiency utilizing Splashtop Remote Access? Take a look at our most recent Case Studies or find out more about our Remote Solutions for Media and Entertainment.

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