TeamViewer Price Increase – Save 50% by Choosing Splashtop

TeamViewer recently raised their pricing. You can save up to 50% guaranteed on your annual subscription cost by choosing Splashtop instead of TeamViewer.

teamviewer price increase

TeamViewer has raised the prices of their commercial licenses. Now, an individual TeamViewer Business subscription will cost you $610.80 per year*. On the other hand, Splashtop Business Access Pro starts at $99 per year. By getting Splashtop instead of TeamViewer, you’d save 50% guaranteed on your license cost each year.

Likewise, the TeamViewer Multi User plan (Premium License) now starts at $1,234.80 per year. Plus, you’d have to pay an additional $814.80 per year to add more channels, and an extra $418.80 per year to be able to remotely support mobile devices. Compare that with Splashtop SOS, which starts at $199 per year and includes mobile device support. You can save thousands each year with Splashtop.

The TeamViewer Corporate License starts at $2,482 per year, and that’s not including the additional $1,256.40 per year you’ll need to pay to remotely access iOS and Android devices, or the extra $814.80 per year you’ll need to pay to add channels if three isn’t enough.

Check out our full Splashtop vs TeamViewer comparison.

Don’t pay for an expensive TeamViewer plan – Get Splashtop!

Get a fast, secure, and reliable remote access solution at the best value when you choose Splashtop! You’ll enjoy fast remote connections to your devices, and get all the top features you need to be productive while working remotely.

Plus, you can get a solution that’s made to fit your specific use case. Check out the Splashtop solutions below and get started today with a free trial (no credit card or commitment required).

  • Splashtop Business Access – Remote access for work from home, remote working, and remote lab access at schools. Great for individuals, teams, business, and education. Starts at $60 per year (FREE TRIAL).
  • Splashtop SOS – Provide attended remote support (QuickSupport) to any computer, tablet, or mobile device. Remotely access unattended computers. Ideal for IT support and help desks. Starts at $199 per year (FREE TRIAL).
  • Splashtop Remote Support –  Remote support and endpoint management software solution for MSPs. Remotely control, monitor, and manage your clients computers and servers at any time. Starts at $479 per year (FREE TRIAL).

Already have a TeamViewer License? Get guaranteed 50% savings when you switch to Splashtop

No need to wait until your current subscription expires. Fill out the early start form on our TeamViewer comparison page so you get started with Splashtop now at no extra cost!

“I have been in IT for 20 years and I know a good product when I find one. [Splashtop] is awesome and it’s reliable as hell. After using TeamViewer this program rocks its socks off. You are reasonably priced as well, with TeamViewer wanting everything including my first born. I love the product and have recommended it to others I know in the industry.” – Stuart Livingston, Nu Wave Backup

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* Source: TeamViewer US Dollar and Euro prices from TeamViewer US and Euro currency websites, March 2021. TeamViewer prices may vary by country.

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