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A woman using Splashtop remote desktop software on a Mac computer

Mac Remote Desktop Software by Splashtop

Remote computer access to and from Mac computers

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The Best Mac Remote Desktop Software
The Best Mac Remote Desktop Software

The Best Remote Desktop for Mac Solution

  • Work from anywhere. No matter where you are, you’ll always be connected to your Mac computers.

  • Unlimited flexibility. Remotely access your Macs from any computer, tablet, or mobile device. Use your Mac to access other devices.

  • Increased productivity. Access any file and run any app on your remote computer while working over high-performance connections.

  • Superior user experience. Set up in just a few minutes and launch remote connections from any device with just a click.

A Macbook using Splashtop to access a remote computer.

Mac Remote Desktop Has Never Been Easier

No more wasting time with remote desktop tools that don’t offer performance and/or feature parity for Mac users. With Splashtop remote desktop software, you’ll experience high-performance remote connections with all the features you’d expect in a remote desktop tool.

Run any app on your remote Mac computer as if you were using it in person! Remotely control your Macs in real-time while working remotely.

A man wearing headphones working on a Macbook to use Splashtop remote desktop software.

How to Use Remote Desktop for Mac

You can set up Splashtop remote desktop software with just a few quick steps. Once you've created your Splashtop account and downloaded the Splashtop remote desktop app on your Mac computers and other devices, you’ll be all set!

Then, whenever you want to connect to your computer, you can open the Splashtop app on your device and click on the computer you want to access to launch the remote connection. You'll see the screen of your remote computer on your local device and take control like you were sitting in front of it.

Check out our Splashtop remote desktop for Mac downloads.

Splashtop open on a Mac computer screen showing the screen of a remote computer being accessed.

The Top Remote Desktop for Mac Features at Your Fingertips

Simplify daily tasks and be more productive while remote controlling your desktop. Features including drag-and-drop file transfer, chat, remote wake, remote sound (including audio for Mac remote desktop connections), remote print, and more are at your disposal.

Splashtop offers the solutions needed for remote working, IT remote support, and more!

Key Benefits of Splashtop Remote Desktop for Mac

  • Cross platform support

    Remotely access your Windows, Mac OS, and Linux computers from any Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Chromebook device. Splashtop works seamlessly across laptops, tablets, and smartphone devices.

  • Ease of use

    Splashtop is designed to be easy to use, even for those who are not tech-savvy. Quickly and easily connect to your Mac computers and start working remotely, without the need for any specialized knowledge or training.

  • High performance connections

    Access your Mac computers from anywhere in the world with minimal lag and delay. 4K streaming at up to 60fps and low latency gives you a top-notch remote desktop connection.

  • Secure and compliant

    Splashtop uses advanced security measures to ensure that remote access to Mac computers is safe and secure. Splashtop complies with several industry regulations and standards. Learn more about secure remote desktop software.

From Our Happy Customers

I had been using other remote desktop tools until I started having some problems with their software. Then I discovered Splashtop. It is terrific and very Mac friendly. Thank you for a great product.

S.J. Pockmire, Moore Country Historical Association

From Our Happy Customers

Works great for my company and the price is the reason I chose it over other products with similar features.

Scott Evans, Digital Wave LLC

From Our Happy Customers

I feel compelled to reach out and tell you how impressed I am with Splashtop Business Access for Mac. Splashtop lets me do what I need—copy/paste buffers, file transfers, amazingly smooth remote graphics, etc. I cannot say enough good things about it. I am very very impressed.

Gregory F. Welch, Professor and AdventHealth Endowed Chair in Healthcare Simulation

From Our Happy Customers

So far I am blown away. I had to deliver a show to ABC so I opened up Adobe Premiere on the remote computer, did the work I needed to do, and was able to watch and listen to the show. Latency is so low that I felt like I was on the machine working. That is exactly what I need. Everything is straight forward, easy to understand and use.

Brian Davids

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How to set up remote desktop on Mac?

You can set up remote desktop on your Mac with Splashtop. Set up is as simple as installing the Splashtop Streamer on the computers you want to remotely access, and the Splashtop app on the devices you want to connect from. You can start a free trial of Splashtop now to set up your user account and start remotely accessing your Mac computers.

What is the best remote desktop app for Mac?

Splashtop is the best remote desktop app for Mac due to fast remote connections that enable users to seamlessly control their Mac computers as if they were using it in-person. Splashtop has earned high customer satisfaction ratings thanks to its fast performance, reliability, security, and abundance of useful features.

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