Fast and secure remote access for effective remote and in-classroom learning at an unbeatable price

Work from home

Remotely access school computers from home PCs, Macs, Chromebooks and other mobile devices

High Performance

Remotely control resource-intensive software applications on lab computers with high performance features, as if you were sitting in front of the computers

Robust Security

Get secure remote connections with multiple levels of security and compliance

Easy Deployment

Get an easy to deploy, scale, and manage solution which is a superior alternative to VPN- based solutions

Integrate with Single Sign-On

Integrate with Single Sign-On for easy, secure and centralized authentication

Remote Wake

Choose cloud or on-premise deployment

Trusted by top educational institutions for their remote access, remote support and collaboration needs

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Splashtop Enterprise for Remote Labs provides educational institutions with flexible licensing options to schedule and manage remote access to lab computers, and to enable IT to remotely support student and faculty devices.

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Secure cloud and on-premise remote access solutions

Enable Students to Remotely Access Lab Computers

You can enhance remote learning by using Splashtop to enable students to instantly access and control computers on school premises:

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  • Students can do their lab work from personal computers, Chromebooks and other mobile devices
  • Students and teachers can remotely access and control video editing, animation, 3D designing, CAD and other resource-intensive software in real-time, eliminating the need for purchasing more software licenses to enable access at home
  • IT admins can easily deploy and manage students’ and teachers’ access to lab computers. Schedule remote access permissions so individuals or groups of students can access certain school computers during their scheduled time slots.
You can contact our education remote access specialists for advice on setting up remote access to your school lab computers and configuring the best Splashtop solution for your needs, or start a Splashtop Business Access free trial today.
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Enable Faculty Members to Remotely Access Work Computers

Faculty members can instantly remote into their office or lab computers from any computer or mobile device and work seamlessly from home:

  • Remote into Windows, Mac or Linux computers instantly from any computer or mobile device
  • Get high performing remote sessions with features like file transfer, remote print, viewing multiple monitors, chat and many more
  • Pay per user and get up to 50% discount for large teams
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Enable IT Admins to Remotely Manage and Support Devices

When a technical issue arises, especially during a lesson, teachers and students need immediate support so they can get back to work:

Education with Splashtop SOS

  • IT admins can support students’ and teachers’ computers and mobile devices on-demand using a 9 digit session code and without any prior installation, resolving technical issues right away
  • IT admins can manage, update and access school computers remotely even without an end-user present, ensuring school computers are up-to-date and running in top condition
  • With features like chat, file transfer, session recording, user management, and integration with ticketing systems, IT teams can effectively manage and support faculty and students.
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Enable Interactive and Productive Classroom Sessions

Whether you are just thinking about starting a 1:1 or BYOD initiative – or are already making great progress – Splashtop can increase class interactivity and student engagement!

  • Splashtop Classroom

  • Teachers can remotely control the lesson from anywhere in the classroom, annotate, and share with students
  • With Splashtop Classroom you can:
  • View, control and annotate over lesson content directly from your own devices
  • Easily engage the entire room for a more productive session
  • Get student access at no additional cost
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  • Mirroring360

  • Teachers and students can use Splashtop Mirroring360 to mirror their content, ideas and apps on their device to the whole class.
  • With Mirroring360 you can:
  • Mirror and record your mobile and desktop screens to your PC and Mac
  • Mirror across school networks with ease
  • Broadcast your computer screen to up to 40 participants
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