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Coronavirus Update – Work from Home with Splashtop

By Splashtop Team


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Work from Home to Help Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus Infection

New Coronavirus Continues to Spread

A new type of coronavirus (official name: COVID-19), reported in Wuhan, China beginning in December last year, has spread to countries around the world and has not yet shown signs of slowing down.

The cause of the spread of the new coronavirus infection is said to be close contact with the infected person. Close contact means living together with others, such as clothing, eating and living, and staying together in a closed space for a long time. In particular, there is a high possibility of heavy contact in crowded places such as transportation by train, bus, car, airplane (commuting, commuting), events, and shopping centers.

Work From Home (WFH) to Prevent Virus Infection

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, many businesses, including tech giants Google and Apple, temporarily closed their doors to keep employees safe.

To help prevent the further spread of the diseases and prevent businesses from going bankrupt, several governments and organizations are encouraging employees to work from home and make sure to hand wash with alcohol disinfection, and wear masks.

WHF requires a variety of tools to share screens, manages schedules/tasks, and share data such as documents – an infrastructure that many businesses lack.

To help organizations implement WFH, Splashtop is offering bulk discount pricing (up to 25% off) for its remote access software, Splashtop Business Access.

Splashtop Business Access allows users to connect to Windows PCs and Macs from their smartphone, tablet, or another computer as if they were sitting in front of their work computer. In addition, users can access drag and drop file transfer and screen sharing features. Learn more about Splashtop Business Access here.

In support of Work-From-Home (WFH) initiatives, Splashtop is offering new Splashtop Business Access volume license options

Coronavirus Remote Work Resource Center

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