As we all know, the COVID-19 coronavirus has triggered a global health crisis. Businesses are temporarily closing offices, postponing events, prohibiting non-essential travel, and instructing employees to work from home.

So many situations—from disease outbreaks and natural disasters to geopolitical unrest and megastorms—can disrupt people’s lives, mobility, and ability to get work done. Having a remote access solution on hand can help build resilience to such situations by making it easy for people to work or collaborate remotely.

Even without disaster looming, remote access solutions provide individuals and organizations with greater flexibility and avenues for success.


As responsible corporate citizens and as leading providers of remote access solutions, we believe it’s our duty to help others become more resilient during this COVID-19 crisis. We take this commitment seriously, and we invite you to explore some of the ways that we are trying to help alleviate the difficulties during this challenging time.
Mark Lee from Splashtop

Mark Lee, Splashtop CEO on Responding to the Coronavirus Outbreak

The COVID-19 coronavirus is a vivid reminder of why we started Splashtop in the first place: to help individuals, businesses, schools, hospitals and other organizations become more flexible by incorporating effective work-at-home solutions into their operations.

As leading providers of remote access, collaboration and remote support solutions, we’re better prepared than most to keep our business running with employees working from home. We feel it’s our responsibility in this time of global health crisis to extend that same level of preparedness to other organizations and individuals.

We take this commitment seriously.

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