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Reading an article about the reasons why secure remote access solutions are necessary
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Why Do You Need A Secure Remote Access Solution?

By Splashtop Team
4 minute read


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With flexible work on the rise, businesses, schools and individuals need secure remote access in their tech toolbox. Read on to learn why.

Why do you need a secure remote access solution? We’re happy you asked. There are plenty of reasons why we think it’s important software for businesses, schools, and even individuals, to have in their tech toolbox. Today, we’re going to lay out a few.

First let’s start off with the basics. What is remote access? It’s the ability to access a computer or device from another device, at any time, from anywhere. Remote access gives employees the power to remote into their work desktop from home. It gives students the ability to remote into school computer labs from their bedroom. It even gives you access to your parents’ computer when they’re having tech trouble across the country. While that’s just a quick synopsis, check out the blog post linked above for a more in-depth explanation.

Ok, back to why you need secure remote access

There have been some big work trend predictions about what employers could expect in 2022. One is the staying power of flexible work. The pandemic has shown employees can do their jobs from home, and new studies show people would rather quit their jobs than go back into an office. Flexible work also allows a company to acquire talent from anywhere in the world.

Instead of losing your workforce to the Great Resignation, try using secure remote access software. Splashtop lets you control office-based computers (which may have robust infrastructure and high-end workstations) in real-time, with high-definition quality and remote sound. All without compromising you or your organization’s security.

When those flexible employees run into computer-related problems, they don’t have to worry about not having IT staff inside their home office. Splashtop allows for on-demand attended and unattended remote support for IT support and help desks. No need to painstakingly describe what the problem is. IT can view any device, from anywhere, and assist with solving the problem.

A flexible workforce can be a secure workforce

If employees love working from home, hackers love it even more. Flexible work is ramping up, especially with new COVID-19 variants at our doorstep. For IT and cybersecurity teams, that means even more threats to watch for. When your company is attacked, it hurts your brand, erodes the trust of your customers and employees, and costs you money.

Splashtop products are specifically built to give IT full control over securing the data and employees the flexibility to access it from anywhere. Our security features include device authentication, two-factor authentication and single sign-on, just to name a few.

Computers using Splashtop also gain an added level of security. There's no need to leave them exposed on the Internet or DMZ where hackers can easily scan and attack them.

Even when someone is working from home, off the company network, a remote access solution mitigates the risks—particularly those seen with VPNs. VPNs have led cybercriminals to exploit weak password security and VPN vulnerabilities to access the corporate network and steal information and data. VPN technology is decades old. You don’t see many people using a 10-year-old cell phone, so why rely on 10+ year old tech to protect ourselves from hackers?

How does Splashtop keep things secure?

There are plenty of ways Splashtop keeps your company and your work secure while working from anywhere. Splashtop security features include: single sign-on integration, intrusion prevention, two-factor authentication, multi-level password security, blank screen, screen auto-lock and session idle timeout, just to highlight a few.

Who is using secure remote access?

The three most common uses for remote access solutions today are:

  1. To enable employees to access their work computers from anywhere, on any device without compromising security

  2. To grant students access to school resources, such as lab computers, from home

  3. To provide support-driven access to both managed computers and BYOD devices for IT staff, help desk teams, and managed service providers

Harvard announced it’s switching to remote learning in the first few weeks of January because of a surge in COVID-19 cases. Instead of scrambling to get employees and students safely working and studying from home (like companies and schools were in March of 2020,) be prepared for anything. When schools utilize Splashtop remote desktop, students can access lab computers remotely, faculty can work remotely, and IT can remotely support any device.

Students can log into their Chromebooks from home and use software programs like Adobe Creative Suite and Blender, continuing work as usual. Students can use animation and game-design applications whenever they want, even when they should be sleeping.

Plus, winter is here, and that generally means more illnesses and treacherous driving weather. Businesses need to adapt a remote-first mindset. A flexible workforce can be a secure and productive workforce when using secure remote access no matter the season.


Adding secure remote access software to your tech toolbelt is a simple solution to a long list of problems. It’s a way to prevent losing staff to the Great Resignation. Protect your company from ransomware and cyberattacks, and keep your team productive even if COVID or a snowstorm prevent them from getting to the office.

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