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2023 Product Recap: Remote Access Advancements & Innovations

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This year, we have made significant strides in further enhancing our high-performance remote access and remote support capabilities focusing primarily on security and efficiency for IT teams. Our users across industries like education, media & entertainment, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and hospitality, have seen tremendous value in these new capabilities. Let us look at some noteworthy additions in 2023:

Endpoint Management

Splashtop Antivirus powered by Bitdefender

We introduced Splashtop Antivirus for enhanced endpoint security. Users can protect Windows and Mac computers with Bitdefender’s award-winning anti-malware technology, at unbeatable pricing. Seamlessly deploy and manage antivirus from within Splashtop, eliminating the need for additional solutions. Enjoy peace of mind as your devices stay continuously secure, with active monitoring that prevents viruses, malware, and other threats from causing harm. Learn more.

Background Actions

Significantly reduce end user interruptions by performing critical tasks in the background, without taking control of the remote computer. See all running apps and processes and end them using the Remote Task Manager. View and edit Windows registry. View the installed devices and enable/disable them, just like the Windows Device Manager. Use the Service Manager to see active services and control their startup behavior. Perform all these from within the Splashtop Business app or the web console. Learn more.

Additional Configurable Alerts

Set up alerts and get notified when hardware is added or removed on your managed computers.

Smart Actions

Further eliminate manual IT tasks by automatically running user-made scripts triggered by a customized alert.


Start the day with summarized dashboard to monitor and manage endpoints with ease. The dashboard provides at-a-glance details on endpoint count, online/offline status, OS types, and versions, along with mouse-over tooltips for more information. You can also track alerts, threats by endpoint, and Windows update status. Check the status of Splashtop Antivirus, including threat count, action summary, and virus definition versions. Additionally, keep an eye on upcoming and completed scheduled 1-to-Many Tasks.

Endpoint management capabilities are available with Splashtop Enterprise and Splashtop Remote Support products.

IT Service Desk

Session Transcript

Technicians and end users can now chat even before starting a remote connection. The session transcript also maintains a chronological audit log of the chat and actions executed during support sessions.

Web Support Form

The service desk offers multiple remote connection methods from technician-initiated ways using support links or 6-digit pin codes, to end-user-initiated ways using the SOS Call desktop application and now the webform. With the webform, technicians can design a personalized support form that can be seamlessly integrated into a support website. This enables end users to effortlessly initiate support requests whenever they require assistance which get automatically routed to the appropriate technician groups.

Customized Branding

Emphasize your brand by customizing the support app that your end users download with your own logo and colors.


Users can now easily report on logged support session activity for audit and compliance.

Service desk support capabilities are available with Splashtop Enterprise.

Remote Access

Splashtop Business Access Performance

We introduced a new Business Access package tailored for creative professionals! This new product includes additional features like USB device redirection, microphone passthrough, YUV 4:4:4 color, and high-fidelity audio and enables an immersive remote access experience for digital artists, animators, editors, broadcasters, and designers. Learn more.

Wacom Bridge

We developed new technology jointly with Wacom that delivers a superior experience for creative professionals needing seamless use of Wacom tablets on local and remote computers. With the new proprietary software included in Splashtop products, experience smooth, low latency drawing experience using Wacom tablets, as well as new options to customize the remote stylus experience. Carry settings over from creative applications on the local computer without having to redo them on the remote computer applications. Learn more.

Device Redirection to/from Mac

Our device redirection feature is now available on both Windows and Mac, allowing users to plug USB devices such as smart cards, printers, human interface devices, and more, into their local computer and use it on their remote computer as if it is plugged in directly to the remote system.

Super High-performance

In a significant advancement aimed at meeting the demanding requirements of digital creativity, Splashtop sessions now support a remarkable 240 fps! Enjoy a more immersive and responsive gaming, video production, and editing experience remotely.

Improved Computer List

Manage and access your computers more easily with the improved console. The redesign highlights information you need to see and enables you to customize your view and filter computers based on certain parameters.

Security and Manageability

Centralized Cloud Session Recording

Users can now enforce the recording of all Splashtop remote desktop sessions. Sessions are recorded in their entirety in the cloud, and technicians do not need to manually start or stop recording. Recordings are stored on Splashtop servers for 90 days and can be played back or downloaded via the Splashtop web console, for training and auditing purposes. The ability to download and playback recordings can be controlled based on roles.

ISO/IEC 27001 Compliance

Splashtop is now ISO/IEC 27001 certified! By implementing security frameworks like ISO and SOC 2, Splashtop empowers users with industry-leading remote access solutions while ensuring the highest standards for risk management, cyber-resilience, operational excellence, and safeguarding customer data. Learn more.

Support for Larger Number of Computers

With our improved console, teams can now easily support more than 100,000 computers with the same great Splashtop responsiveness and speed.

Open APIs (Application Programming Interface)

Splashtop has built up an API delivery framework. Users can automate workflows and seamlessly integrate Splashtop into existing applications for smoother IT operations. Tasks like launching support sessions from within ticketing and chat systems and managing users, computers, access permissions, and groups can all be done directly using our APIs integrated into your own platforms.

Splashtop Connector for RDP and VNC Connections

Users can remotely access computers and servers through Splashtop without using VPN or installing a remote access agent, now via VNC in addition to RDP (SSH support coming soon). Learn more.

Splashtop Enterprise offers the ultimate flexibility, scalability and security for businesses and enterprises of all sizes.

Additional New Products

In addition to enhancing its remote access and support solutions, this year Splashtop made significant strides in fortifying its security offerings.


Splashtop acquired Foxpass, a provider of cloud-based, identity-centric network and server access solutions for IT and DevOps systems. Foxpass’ cloud RADIUS Server platform integrates with major Wi-Fi access point and virtual private network (VPN) providers, and offers modern, password-less mechanisms to ensure that employees do not share passwords and can access only the servers and networks they need, only when needed. Learn more.

Secure Workspace

We unveiled the foundations of our new security product and extended our early access program to select customers. Splashtop Secure Workspace takes a comprehensive approach to tackle the tough issues tied to access management. Easily and securely manage third-party access using a simple link. Learn more.

We are committed to continuously improving our products and offerings to provide customers with greater value. Our product roadmap is heavily driven by customer needs and market demands; stay tuned for more impactful improvements in the coming months.

Learn more about Splashtop Products!

Headshot of Nityasha Wadalkar
Nityasha Wadalkar
Nityasha Wadalkar is a highly accomplished digital marketing leader with over 15 years of experience in marketing, sales, and IT. She currently serves as the Director of Product and Product Marketing at Splashtop, a leading provider of solutions for the work anywhere world. In this role, Nityasha has been instrumental in driving growth and innovation at the company, leveraging her expertise in business strategy and analysis, customer advocacy, and product positioning. Outside of work, Nityasha enjoys spending time outdoors with her family of four, engaging in activities such as hiking, camping, and biking.
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