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Streamline IT Workflows with Splashtop’s Open API

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The way we work is constantly changing—and IT technicians must adapt quickly to keep up with the changing times. More companies are shifting to hybrid and remote policies which adds an additional layer of work to those working help desk or IT technician roles. For system administrators, managing everything can become even more complex.

Finding the right software to manage multiple devices and support your team can be a challenge. Luckily, a remote access tool like Splashtop Enterprise can help IT professionals streamline their workflows and increase their efficiency.

IT professionals need to be as efficient as possible to ensure devices are well managed, up to date, and to reduce downtime when end users run into issues. One way to improve efficiency is to automate routine tasks so your team has the ability to focus on the things that require more attention.

Splashtop Enterprise offers open API capabilities to automate tasks you normally would perform manually. With Splashtop Enterprise’s Open APIs, IT technicians can customize workflows, reduce downtime, and enhance support capabilities.

The Benefits of Using Splashtop Open APIs

Splashtop’s Open APIs allow your IT team to customize processes and take their workflows to the next level. Here are some examples on how to best use Splashtop’s open API.

Automate Routine Tasks

Understanding how to automate routine tasks is an essential skill that every IT technician should have in their arsenal. Managing hundreds of devices and users can be a challenging task—which is why automation is an IT technician’s best friend.

Splashtop’s open API allows technicians to create scripts that help to automate tasks that can manually take sometimes days to execute. For example, if a technician is setting up devices for a large team, they can manage multiple computers at once and assign them to a specific group. If the technician needs to regularly update devices, they can do so quickly without having to manually find each device and update it in person.

Tasks that can be automated using Splashtop’s Open APIs include:

  • User Provisioning: Create, manage, and update user accounts effortlessly, ensuring that everyone in your organization has the right access permissions and settings.

  • Software Updates: Keep software and applications up to date across your IT environment without the hassle of manual installations.

  • Data Backups: Execute data backups systematically, reducing the risk of data loss and ensuring business continuity.

Enhance Remote Support Workflows

Splashtop Open APIs seamlessly integrate with support systems, similar to what is achieved via our pre-built integrations with Nsp, Freshservice, Jira Service Desk, Zendesk, and more, making support and troubleshooting a breeze:

  • Create Support Sessions: Generate support session links with ease, allowing you to connect quickly to end-users' computers.

  • Real-Time Connectivity: Start support sessions and connect to end-user devices instantly, enabling prompt issue resolution.

  • Comprehensive Logs: Retrieve session logs, file transfer logs, chat transcripts, and more, all of which can be crucial for diagnosing and documenting support interactions.

By enhancing support capabilities, these APIs not only streamline support processes but also lead to faster issue resolution, improved end-user satisfaction, and more efficient IT support operations.

Effortlessly Manage Logs

Splashtop’s Open APIs can help consolidate key information from multiple devices into one central location. Technicians can develop scripts to help customize how information is stored in one place to minimize the amount of manual logging they have to do and minimize the back-and-forth between tools. This type of consolidation is especially helpful for teams that have bespoke tools or processes because they can easily customize their workflow with Splashtop’s open API.

Logs are the backbone of IT operations, providing insights into sessions, configuration history, and endpoint management. With Splashtop Open APIs, managing logs becomes a breeze:

  • Retrieve Session Logs: Access detailed session records to track activities and troubleshoot issues effectively.

  • Configuration History: Monitor changes and updates made to configurations over time, ensuring compliance and security.

  • Endpoint Management: Keep a watchful eye on your endpoint devices, managing them efficiently and proactively.

Consider how this would work in action: a technician responds to a ticket submitted by an end user. Once the technician finishes assisting the end user, information will automatically be pulled from that session into the ticket and documented without the technician having to do any manual work.

Effortlessly managing logs not only simplifies the auditing process but also helps IT professionals make informed decisions and maintain a well-documented history of IT activities.

Getting Started with Splashtop Open APIs

IT technicians can reap several benefits by leveraging Splashtop’s Open APIs:

  1. Time Savings: Splashtop Open APIs automate routine tasks, freeing up IT technicians’ time to focus on strategic initiatives and complex problem-solving rather than repetitive, manual work.

  2. Faster Issue Resolution: With enhanced support capabilities, IT teams can create and manage support sessions effortlessly, leading to quicker issue resolution and improved end-user satisfaction.

  3. Efficient Troubleshooting: Automatically document comprehensive logs, including session logs, chat transcripts, and configuration history. This simplifies troubleshooting, making it easier for IT technicians to diagnose and resolve issues effectively.

  4. Customized Workflows: IT teams can tailor solutions to their specific needs by creating their own custom applications or integrating third-party systems, which optimizes workflows for your team’s efficiency.

  5. Cost Efficiency: Automation, streamlined support, and minimized errors result in cost reduction, allowing organizations to allocate resources more effectively and invest in strategic IT initiatives.

Visit our support page to learn more about connecting Splashtop’s Open APIs.

Try Splashtop for Free

If you’re considering your options for remote access software, consider a tool that allows you to customize your workflow with APIs. With Splashtop Enterprise, IT admins and leaders can transform their operations by automating processes and managing workflows efficiently. Interested in seeing how Splashtop Enterprise can upgrade your workflows? Contact our sales team to get started.

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