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Why Splashtop Has The Highest Remote Access Review Scores

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In the realm of remote access and support software, where the competition is fierce, and the options are plentiful, one name consistently rises to the top through the chorus of user satisfaction and expert approval: Splashtop.

This isn't just another self-proclaimed leader in the industry; the acclaim comes directly from those who use the software daily and those who dissect technology for a living.

In this blog, we delve deep into what makes Splashtop not just a choice but the choice for individuals and businesses seeking reliable, secure, and user-friendly remote access solutions.

Quotes and ratings showing Splashtop is the highest rated remote access and support software.

User Ratings Speak Volumes

When choosing the right remote access and support software, numbers don’t lie. The user ratings across various platforms vividly show customers' satisfaction and trust in Splashtop. These voices quantified into ratings, highlight Splashtop’s position as a leader in the remote access field.

On Gartner,, and TrustRadius, Splashtop consistently outperforms its competitors with impressive scores. With a Gartner score of 4.8 and the same high marks on, Splashtop not only matches user expectations but often exceeds them.

TrustRadius further cements this sentiment with a score of 8.7, showcasing Splashtop’s leading edge in the eyes of its users. These scores aren’t just numbers; they are a testament to Splashtop's reliability, ease of use, and comprehensive features.

Behind each score is a story—a user who found Splashtop the key to seamless remote work, a team that stayed connected despite miles of separation, or an IT professional who found solace in Splashtop’s robust security measures. These stories aggregated into scores, clarify why Splashtop is the preferred choice.

Diving deeper into the reviews, users frequently commend Splashtop for its intuitive interface and effortless setup. Users also highlight the value for money Splashtop offers, a crucial factor for businesses of all sizes striving to optimize their operations without compromising on quality.

The high ratings are further validated by comments on the software’s performance and reliability. Whether it's the smooth handling of high-resolution video, the precision of remote stylus support, or the clarity of high-fidelity audio, Splashtop users are vocal about their positive experiences.

But what truly sets Splashtop apart, as echoed in user feedback, is its customer-centric approach. From responsive support teams to continuous updates that address real user needs, Splashtop has fostered a community of users who feel heard and valued. This level of engagement is rare and worth its weight in gold—or, in this case, star ratings.

Accolades and Endorsements

The chorus of user acclaim for Splashtop is echoed and amplified by the press, with top tech publications and industry analysts bestowing high praise on the software:

  • US News & World Report heralded Splashtop as the "Best Overall Remote Desktop Software for 2024," a significant endorsement considering the publication's rigorous evaluation criteria. This title is not handed out lightly; it signifies a product that delivers on multiple fronts: performance, user satisfaction, and overall value.

  • TechRadar, known for its deep dives into tech products, lauds Splashtop as a "Powerful remote desktop with impressive features." The 4.5 out of 5 stars rating underscores the software's robustness and feature set, positioning it as a standout choice for users who need reliable and comprehensive remote access tools.

  • Spiceworks, a community of IT professionals and a platform for tech insights recognizes Splashtop as "A trusted name in the industry and a preferred choice for CIOs." This recognition speaks volumes about Splashtop's reputation and reliability in professional IT circles, where trust and high standards are paramount.

  •, an authority in tech reviews and product recommendations, praises Splashtop for its performance, saying, “Splashtop works wonderfully. Performance is excellent.” The 4 out of 5 stars rating from such a reputable source highlights Splashtop's ability to deliver a seamless and efficient remote desktop experience.

  • identifies Splashtop as “Our choice as the best remote PC access software for hybrid remote teams,” rating it 9.7 out of 10 stars. This accolade is particularly relevant in today's evolving work environments, signifying Splashtop's adaptability and effectiveness for teams working across various locations.

These endorsements from respected publications reflect a consensus among tech experts: Splashtop stands out for its robustness, reliability, and the value it delivers to users. Each praise is backed by thorough testing and analysis, ensuring potential users receive a well-rounded view of what Splashtop offers.

The Splashtop Difference That Users Love

What sets Splashtop apart isn't just its robust feature set or its acclaimed security measures—it's the holistic experience and the company's unwavering commitment to its users. The Splashtop difference lies in its ability to seamlessly blend technology, user-centric design, and exceptional support into a solution that not only meets but often exceeds expectations.

Here’s what makes Splashtop stand out:

Unmatched User Experience

At the core of Splashtop's offerings is an intuitive user interface designed for easy use without sacrificing functionality. Users frequently commend the simplicity with which they can navigate the platform, regardless of their technical proficiency.

High-Performance Technology

Splashtop's commitment to delivering a seamless remote access experience is evident in its high-performance technology. With features like high frame rate streaming, 4K resolution support, and low latency connections, Splashtop ensures that users can work as effectively remotely as they would onsite.

Security You Can Trust

Splashtop's comprehensive security framework stands out in an era where digital security is paramount. Splashtop provides a secure environment that users can trust with their most sensitive data by incorporating end-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication, device authentication, and regular security updates.

Responsive Customer Support

Its responsive customer support further demonstrates Splashtop's dedication to its users. User testimonials often highlight the quick and helpful responses from the Splashtop team, reflecting a company culture that values user satisfaction and strives to resolve issues efficiently.

Flexible and Scalable Solutions

Recognizing its user base's diverse needs, Splashtop offers various plans and features that can be tailored to any scenario, from individual use to large-scale enterprise deployment. This flexibility, coupled with the platform's scalability, ensures that Splashtop can grow alongside its users, accommodating their evolving needs.

Community and Feedback-Driven Innovation

Splashtop's development is heavily influenced by its user community. The company actively seeks out and incorporates user feedback into its product updates and new features, ensuring that the platform remains relevant and continues addressing real-world challenges its users face.

The Splashtop difference is more than the sum of its parts—it reflects a company prioritizing its users above all else. By listening to its community, continuously innovating its technology, and maintaining a steadfast focus on security and ease of use, Splashtop doesn't just provide a remote access solution; it delivers peace of mind and a seamless extension of the workplace, regardless of where users are in the world.

Diverse Solutions for Every Need

Splashtop's appeal stretches across a broad spectrum of users, from individual freelancers to large enterprises, each with unique requirements and challenges. Here's how Splashtop meets the varied demands of its users:

  • For Individuals and Small Teams: Splashtop offers solutions perfect for freelancers, small business owners, and remote workers who need quick, reliable computer access from anywhere.

  • For IT and Support Teams: The ability to remotely access and troubleshoot devices across any network saves time and resources, making Splashtop a cornerstone for maintaining organizational IT health.

  • For Educational Institutions: Schools and universities leverage Splashtop to facilitate remote learning and IT management across campus devices. The platform's compatibility with various devices, including tablets and smartphones, ensures that students and educators can stay connected, regardless of their preferred technology.

  • For Creative Professionals: Artists, designers, and video editors appreciate Splashtop's high-performance streaming and support for remote stylus and high-fidelity audio. These features allow creative professionals to work from anywhere without sacrificing the precision and quality of their craft.

  • For Enterprises: Large organizations benefit from Splashtop's scalable solutions, which include features like single sign-on (SSO) integration, granular permission controls, and the ability to manage many devices. These capabilities are crucial for maintaining security and operational efficiency at scale.

  • For Industries with Specific Compliance Needs: Businesses in healthcare, finance, and government sectors rely on Splashtop's adherence to strict compliance standards, including HIPAA, PCI, and GDPR. The platform's security features ensure that sensitive data is protected while allowing for the flexibility required by these highly regulated industries.

Each use case reflects Splashtop's deep understanding of its users' diverse needs. By continuously evolving and expanding its feature set in response to user feedback, Splashtop not only addresses the market's current demands but also anticipates future requirements.

Experience the Splashtop Difference Today

Through the voices of its users and the accolades of tech experts, Splashtop has established itself as a leader in the remote access and support software market.

The Splashtop difference—a harmonious blend of high-performance technology, unparalleled security, user-centric design, and responsive customer support—sets it apart in a crowded field. Whether you're an individual looking for a reliable way to access your devices on the go, a creative professional in need of a seamless remote workflow, or an enterprise seeking a secure and scalable remote access solution, Splashtop offers the versatility and performance you need.

Start Your Free Trial: Discover firsthand how Splashtop can transform your remote access experience, streamline your workflows, and provide the security and support you deserve.

Or, learn more about Splashtop’s solutions.

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