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Mark Lee, CEO of Splashtop
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BBC Interview with Splashtop's Mark Lee on WFH Remote Computer Access

By Splashtop Team
1 minute read


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Splashtop CEO Mark Lee was recently a guest on BBC’s World Business Report. He joined other business leaders, discussing the global WFH / Work from Home trend.

You can listen to the full episode here. Mark starts speaking at 16:38.

Here’s a transcript of Mark’s portion of the BBC interview

For those who are not familiar with Remote Access from Splashtop, what does that really mean?

Our products let users securely access their remote computers from anywhere. People could be using their personal computers, tablets, mobile devices, and we make it super secure to do so.

How is the business doing?

We have seen a big traffic spike in the past weeks. Many companies are jumping on board to equip their employees with remote access products.

I would say we have over 10x the usual demand.

We offer our products for free in certain regions that are affected by the virus, and we have also heavily discounted our products for many businesses

Do you feel that when all this is finished, there would be a sense of normality again? Actually, what has happened now with more people working from home, you think that would continue on?

We do believe so. I think this whole crisis has embedded a mindset in many companies that they really need business continuity – How do you operate the business in the face of natural disaster, pandemic and all the potential events that might happen.

More information on Work From Home / WFH solutions from Splashtop

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