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Secure Remote Access Solutions for Businesses of All Sizes

By Trevor Jackins
5 minute read


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Here are secure remote access solutions that businesses of all sizes can utilize.

These days, almost one-fifth of all jobs are completely remote. In these roles, you will want to have assurances that remote workers can both access computers in the office and have it be as secure as possible. So, do you know what the best collection of secure remote access solutions is? Splashtop offers a comprehensive set of remote access solutions for businesses, teams, and education. Below, we will explain the different problems Splashtop solves and how this piece of software can help you with your work moving forward.

Remote Desktop Control

One of the most common uses of such a secure remote access solution is to access your work PC from any location. Splashtop allows you to have full visibility of your remote desktop and control it as if the computer was there with you in the room.

Splashtop has very low latency. This means you are getting a real-time video and audio connection, and will not notice any slowdown. It even promises a full HD/4k view streaming at up to 60 frames per second.

You will be able to take full control of a remote Windows, Mac, or Linux computer from another computer, mobile phone, tablet and Chromebook. You are not limited to remotely accessing just specific applications. You’re accessing the computer itself so you have full access to all the tools that you would usually have on your primary work computer and all the processing power of that computer, even if you’re remoting in from a tablet, phone, or Chromebook.

Finally, you can transfer data between your work computer and your local device, as well as remotely print documents. This helps you work between these two computers with ease, without needing a cloud solution or other file transfer method.

To ensure that this system is secure, Splashtop has several different security features. These include:

  • Two-step verification: Prevent login unless confirming your identity.

  • Connection logging: To keep track of who is accessing what machines, and when.

  • Device authentication: To prevent access from unauthorized devices.

With Splashtop Enterprise, you can also incorporate an SSO into your Splashtop experience for increased security and convenience. Thus, you can log in to this and other locations using one username and password. You then remove the need to remember many different passwords at the same time.

Access Specialized Hardware and Software from Anywhere

Sometimes you need access to a location with specialized hardware or software. Examples of these include audio and video editing software, 3D modeling, and other resource-intensive applications. By using Splashtop, one can access the computers in question with the click of a button. This ensures that people can still use any expensive software that you have installed on the machines without having another license for the software on their home computers. They can even do so when unable to access the building where the computers are located. This makes Splashtop ideal for media and entertainment professionals, as well as architectshealthcareaccountantsgovernment employees, and more. Examples of when this would be useful include:

Late night work: Sometimes, you need to get things done after regular office hours. During these times, workers can continue their work by remotely accessing their computers without requiring access to the physical building.

Illness: Due to individual illness or issues such as a pandemic, you might be forced to shut down your facilities. By allowing remote access, you can ensure that employees remain productive and without feeling pressure to come into the office when they aren’t feeling well.

Equal access: Some people may wish to use the facility but have access restrictions, for example, disability. Secure remote access allows them to use the hardware and software without being physically in the same space.

Remote Learning

Remote access means that students can access lab computers in universities, colleges, and schools from anywhere. They can do this even when they would otherwise not have access to them for any reason. This opens the door to remote and hybrid learning. At the same time, educators can access their computers in a similar way. Faculty members can access their devices, no matter where they are. This can be very useful to edit learning material or perform work remotely. Splashtop also enables IT departments to have control over such systems. This means they can remotely manage computers and resolve any issues fast.

Virtual Machine Control

Many enterprise companies, as well as small businesses and other organizations, make use of Virtual Machines (VMs) regularly. Splashtop offers remote access solutions that allow you to log into these VMs while having the assurance of strong security. One can log into these VMs through any Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Chromebook device. Splashtop prides itself on its high-end UX. The platform provides intuitive controls, and connecting to a new VM using Splashtop is fast and easy.

VPN Alternative

While commonly used by organizations to enable access to internal networks remotely, VPN technology is old, lacking in performance, and can be highly insecure. This is especially true in an era when more and more people are remotely working, taking up a company’s bandwidth and making the organization a target to cybercriminals. Splashtop is the ideal VPN alternative because it is easier to set up, manage, and offers better performance and security.

IT Remote Support

Splashtop offers remote IT support solutions so IT teams can have unattended access to managed computers and devices to remotely manage, monitor, and support internal devices. IT can also get attended access to any computer, tablet, or mobile device (including personal devices) to provide ad-hoc remote support to any device. Lastly, Splashtop has secure MSP remote support software ideal for managing clients’ machines remotely.

Why Splashtop is Secure

Splashtop considers security one of the main priorities of a trustworthy app. With this in mind, we can ensure that the Splashtop app is one of the leading secure remote software solutions on the market. Splashtop is SOC 2 certified and complies with many industry standards and security regulations, including:


  • GDPR

  • PCI

  • CCPA

Splashtop also comes equipped with all the security features you need to keep your data and privacy safe.

Secure Remote Access Solutions from Splashtop

With the above information, you should have a much better idea of why Splashtop’s secure remote access solutions are the best for you. If you want to know more, you can get started with a free trial, no credit card is needed.

Trevor Jackins Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Splashtop
Trevor Jackins
Trevor Jackins is a Marketing Manager at Splashtop. He’s also a passionate user of Splashtop’s remote access software as he uses it to remote into his office computer to work from home! Trevor’s excitement for Splashtop stems from his interest in how technology can improve our daily lives.
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