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An employee joining a remote sales training session from his laptop using Splashtop's remote access software.
Remote Learning & Education

Empowering Sales: Remote Training Techniques with Splashtop

By Verena Cooper
6 minute read


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In today's fast-paced business landscape, the concept of remote sales teams has become increasingly prevalent. Companies are now embracing the flexibility of having their salesforce operate from diverse locations, harnessing the power of technology to bridge geographical gaps. However, this shift towards remote operations brings forth significant challenges, especially in the realm of training and development. Training remote sales teams demands innovative approaches to ensure that the team members are not only well-versed in product knowledge and sales techniques but also feel connected and engaged despite the physical distances.

Enter Splashtop, a high-performance remote access software designed to address these challenges seamlessly. Splashtop offers an intuitive and secure platform for companies to conduct effective sales training, ensuring that remote teams have instant access to the resources and support they need. With Splashtop, the barriers posed by distance are effectively diminished, paving the way for a more empowered and efficient remote sales force. Let’s dive into remote sales training and how Splashtop uniquely equips remote sales teams with the tools and resources necessary for effective training and continuous development, regardless of their location.

The Importance of Effective Sales Training

Effective sales training is a critical component in the engine that drives a company's success. It is the foundation upon which skilled sales professionals are built, equipping them with the knowledge, strategies, and confidence to effectively communicate the value of their products or services to customers. When sales teams are well-trained, they are not just familiar with the product line; they also understand the nuances of customer interactions, can handle objections deftly, and are adept at closing deals, directly influencing the company's revenue and growth.

The impact of effective training on sales performance is tangible. It leads to a more knowledgeable and confident sales force, better customer relationships, and, ultimately, higher conversion rates and sales figures. Well-trained sales personnel are more adept at identifying customer needs, aligning those needs with the right solutions, and building lasting relationships that benefit both the customer and the company. In a landscape where competition is fierce and product differentiation is sometimes minimal, the skills and techniques honed through effective training often become the key differentiators.

For remote sales teams, the need for effective training takes on an additional dimension. Remote teams face unique challenges, such as the lack of face-to-face interaction, reliance on digital communication tools, and the need for self-motivation and management. Training for these teams must not only cover the usual sales techniques and product knowledge but also include elements that foster team cohesion, effective virtual communication, and the ability to use remote working tools efficiently. In this context, the training should be more than just informational; it should be engaging, interactive, and accessible from any location, aligning perfectly with the nature of their work environment.

How Splashtop Facilitates Remote Sales Training

Splashtop's remote access software plays a pivotal role in transforming remote sales training. Its comprehensive features are tailored to support and enhance the training process, making it more engaging, interactive, and effective.

Example Walkthrough of Using Splashtop for Remote Sales Training:

  1. Setting Up Training Environment:

    Trainers can set up a virtual training room by accessing their office computer through Splashtop and preparing the necessary materials, such as presentations, product demos, and sales scripts.

  2. Easy Access for Trainees:

    Sales trainees can join the training session from anywhere, using any device. They simply log into Splashtop and connect to the training session, accessing the same materials and applications as if they were in the office.

  3. Interactive Training Sessions:

    Trainers can demonstrate software, showcase products in real-time, and walk through sales processes while trainees observe and follow along on their screens. This hands-on approach helps in better retention of information.

Real-Time Collaboration Features:

  • Screen Sharing:

    Trainers can share their screen with trainees, making it easier to demonstrate software use, go through sales pitches, or analyze market data together.

  • Remote Control:

    Trainers can pass control to trainees, allowing them to practice what they have learned directly during the session, fostering a more interactive and engaging learning experience.

  • Chat and Voice Communication:

    Built-in chat and voice communication tools enable instant feedback and discussions, ensuring that the training is a two-way communication process.

Best Practices for Remote Sales Training with Splashtop

Using Splashtop effectively for remote sales training involves more than just understanding its features; it requires a strategic approach to ensure the training is engaging, comprehensive, and impactful. Here are some best practices and tips for making the most out of Splashtop in remote sales training:

1. Structuring Training Sessions Effectively:

  • Pre-Session Preparation:

    Ensure all materials, such as presentations, videos, and documents, are ready and accessible on the computer that will be used for the training.

  • Clear Agenda:

    Start each session with a clear agenda and objectives to keep the training focused and efficient.

2. Interactive Training Techniques:

  • Live Demonstrations:

    Use Splashtop's screen sharing feature to demonstrate sales tools and software in real-time.

  • Hands-On Practice:

    Allow trainees to remotely control the trainer's screen to practice new skills, fostering active participation.

3. Enhancing Engagement:

  • Interactive Polls and Quizzes:

    Incorporate tools for real-time polls or quizzes to keep the session interactive and gauge trainee understanding.

  • Breakout Sessions:

    Utilize Splashtop to create smaller breakout groups for discussions or role-playing exercises.

4. Integration with Other Tools:

  • CRM and Sales Software:

    Demonstrate how to use CRM and other sales tools live, showing practical applications within the Splashtop environment.

  • E-Learning Platforms:

    Integrate with e-learning platforms for a blended learning approach, where trainees can access supplementary materials.

5. Continuous Learning and Feedback:

  • Record Sessions:

    Record training sessions for later review or for trainees who couldn’t attend live.

  • Regular Feedback:

    Use surveys or feedback tools post-session to gather insights on how to improve future training.

6. Addressing Technical Considerations:

  • Ensure Reliable Connectivity:
    Advise trainees to have a stable internet connection to avoid disruptions.

  • Tech Support:

    Provide basic troubleshooting tips or have tech support readily available for any issues with Splashtop or related tools.

7. Regularly Update Training Content:

  • Keep training materials updated to reflect the latest product updates, sales strategies, and market trends.

8. Foster a Collaborative Environment:

  • Encourage open discussions and knowledge sharing among team members during and after training sessions.

9. Monitoring and Evaluation:

  • Use analytics and monitoring tools to track engagement and progress, allowing for data-driven improvements in training methods.

By following these best practices, sales trainers can leverage Splashtop to deliver high-quality, engaging, and effective training to remote sales teams, ultimately leading to improved sales performance and team cohesion.

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Splashtop's SEO Manager Verena Cooper.
Verena Cooper
Verena is an International SEO Manager at Splashtop. With a keen interest in technology and cybersecurity, she's an avid user of Splashtop's remote access solution.
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