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Utilizing Splashtop's Remote Access for enhanced remote learning by accessing computer labs
Remote Learning & Education

Remote Learning and Remote Computer Labs Are Here to Stay

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A recent Forbes article stated, “COVID-19 has brought home the reality that education technology that delivers great content and engages students and teachers has never been more important.” It is especially true for academic institutions that transformed into online institutions in a short amount of time during the pandemic. As a result, an increasing number of schools have turned to Splashtop remote access software to enable enhanced remote learning.

Remote Access to Computer Labs Can Enhance Remote Learning ⬇

Remote access software also known as remote control software or remote desktop, enables faculty and students to remotely log into and use computer lab machines just like they were sitting at the computer. If remotely located students need to access software that is only available on the lab computers, or if only the lab computers are connected to a piece of equipment like a computer controlled telescope for an astronomy class, Splashtop is a great solution for remote access to those computers.

For managing the lab computers, Splashtop remote access enables faculty and school IT teams to remotely manage all computer lab machines, monitor and remotely assist students and teachers who need access to the computer lab.

Additionally, it reduces the IT burden and administrative cost associated with installing additional software licenses on individual student computers. Imagine having to extend licenses for AutoCAD or Adobe Creative Software to all students on a campus? With Splashtop Remote Access, there is no need and setting up remote access with Splashtop is very straightforward.

Splashtop remote access software consists of two components: a streamer app and a client app. The streamer app is installed on the computer lab machines and the client app on the student or faculty devices (personal laptops, tablets, and smartphones). Once everything is set up, students and faculty can run academic programs on their devices just as they would on conventional university workstations!

While there are plenty of remote access software solutions out there, many higher education institutions have chosen Splashtop to meet their needs as Splashtop is very easy to use, secure and affordable.

Additionally, Splashtop supports remote sessions with multi-monitor 4k streaming at 40 frames per second (fps) and iMac Pro 27” Retina 5k workstations at low latency. This enables students in the media an entertainment industry to remotely stream 4k/5k at 40fps, and access ultra-high-resolution videos, models, and other files from their campus work stations as if they were sitting right in front of it! Educational institutions using Splashtop include Stanford, Berkeley Penn State, Cornell and many more.

Should Educational Institutions Return to Normal post-COVID-19?

The College of Fine, Performing, and Communicate Arts at Wayne State University is one example of a college that turned to Splashtop to give students remote access to lab computers. A long term benefit that they see getting from Splashtop is that they’ll be able to use all of their ‘retired’ lab computers for virtual purposes. Instead of throwing away lab computers, they’re stacking them together, connecting them to the internet, and allowed students to access them remotely. The CTE division at Laney College is another college using Splashtop for remote lab access and finding long term benefits.

If Darwinism has taught us one thing it is that those who survive are those who are most responsive to change. And the reality is that this remains true for organizations as crises force us to adapt.

So in a post-COVID world, it is likely that the academic institutions who survive will be the ones who have not only adapted to change but have embraced it and moved forward with it.

This means that academic institutions will have to be more fluid and flexible in their offering due to the shift towards a remote mindset.

Remote computer labs are here to stay.

Wherever this post-COVID world takes us, Splashtop will be here to support education:

"The COVID-19 coronavirus is a vivid reminder of why we started Splashtop in the first place: to help traditional organizations like schools become more flexible by incorporating effective remote access solutions into their operations." - Mark Lee, CEO of Splashtop

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