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Poway Unified School District Uses Splashtop to Enhance Learning

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Career Education Specialist, Joe Austin, discusses how his school district uses Splashtop to enable students to remotely access computer lab software from Chromebooks

Poway Unified School District Uses Splashtop Remote Access to Enhance Learning
Poway Unified School District Uses Splashtop Remote Access to Enhance Learning

The Challenge: Remotely accessing computers and software needed for CTE classes while protecting student data and privacy

Due to the pandemic, Poway Unified School District made the decision to implement distance learning. This decision had a major impact on their Career Technical Education (CTE) department. For their at-home learning, students were given Chromebooks. Unfortunately, the Chromebooks couldn't support the advanced software needs of their CTE classes. Teachers were left wondering “How are we going to teach kids to use industry-specific software if they can’t run it on the device that they’re learning on?”

The CTE department needed to find a solution that would connect students with machines capable of running advanced software for CTE classes (i.e. engineering, computer science, video production, 3D animation, and graphic design). On top of that, they needed a solution that would protect student data and privacy. After researching their options, they decided to try Splashtop.

“Splashtop was the simplest and most effective solution for us.” – Joe Austin, Career Education Specialist

The Solution: Poway Unified adopts Splashtop Enterprise enabling students to remotely access computer labs from their Chromebooks

In the beginning, the department implemented Splashtop based on teacher-readiness. They started with a handful of teachers who could test it out to see if it would serve their needs. As a result, these teachers became an integral part of the roll out. They were trusted colleagues who could vouch for Splashtop's effectiveness. Pilot teachers, including a skeptical video editing instructor, were pleasantly surprised by Splashtop’s performance.

“It was as close to being in-person as we could have possibly hoped for.” - Joe Austin

The Results

Splashtop enabled Poway Unified School District to teach technically advanced CTE classes remotely. As a result, CTE teachers were able to utilize Poway's computer lab Macs and PCs to run advanced software for their classes. Moreover, students were able to remotely access the software (via on-campus labs) from their Chromebooks.

“I honestly believe that the majority of our courses could not have approximated the learning outcomes that we expect them to achieve without the use of Splashtop.” - Joe Austin

Learn more about Splashtop Enterprise for remote labs

Enable students to remotely access lab computers and software apps needed for CTE classes from any device including Chromebooks using Splashtop Enterprise for remote labs.

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