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Improving Customer Experience with Remote Technology

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Excellent customer experience is expected in today’s world. How can manufacturers and distributors exceed expectations? Read on to find out.

Today, customers of product manufacturers and distributors expect to buy more than a physical product. They expect excellent customer experience including efficient post-purchase support which ensures a product’s continuous reliability. That’s why an effective B2B customer support strategy ultimately enhances revenue.

By providing dependable remote support with a great customer experience (CX), you can retain customers and increase long-term relationship value. Customer lifetime value is the heart of profitable revenue growth.

Efficient remote support teams and powerful tech are a winning combo

The most effective companies also recognize that providing great remote support is not enough. They must account for the level of effort required by their own technical support staff and their customers when resolving issues. Since the early days of the pandemic, the value of effective and efficient technical remote support teams has become evident, as McKinsey pointed out in their article, Reimagining the postpandemic workforce.

In addition to efficient remote support staff, powerful and simple technology also underpins great CX. The use of technology to respond to customer needs is critical today. It enables substantial cost efficiency while improving CX. This is reflected in the latest findings from the global Rackspace Technology survey, revealed in their most recent Customer Experience and Technology Report.

The confluence of these factors has driven companies to switch to Splashtop for remote customer support. Here are two examples:

Munster Business Equipment reduced costs while ensuring great customer experience

While looking at ways to reduce operational costs, Munster Business Equipment (Munster) discovered high operational costs caused by a surge in on-site customer visits for printing and scanning issues. Yet, many of the issues could have been resolved without traveling to the customer.

Munster turned to remote support software solutions as the ideal way to reduce costs and maximize customer experience via great tech support. They decided to try Splashtop SOS for remote support after a peer company highly recommended it.

Munster found that Splashtop provided advanced remote support in a simple solution, while also being the only top-grade solution with great pricing. They especially noted the price difference between Splashtop, LogMeIn and TeamViewer. When compared side-by-side, Splashtop provided more features than LogMeIn and TeamViewer as part of the standard offering. So not only was Splashtop the most affordable option, but it was the best value option too.

“Splashtop allows us to remotely support hundreds of customers, and without it, we would have continued to do on site visits for calls that could be done remotely, resulting in a less profitable service department.” – Darach Meade, Sales Manager of Munster Business Equipment

Yamaha Motors remotely supports IoT devices at customer sites

Yamaha Motors brought Surface Mount Technology (SMT) products to market in a major technology differentiation move. The company introduced an SMT offering for remote maintenance service by providing a customer-specific support contact number for product inquiries and issues. Since they implemented Splashtop as their remote support solution, their technicians were able to significantly shorten response and resolution times. This resulted in happier customers.

Prior to using Splashtop, the Yamaha Motors IT team would identify technical issues by gathering information from their Windows-based SMT equipment. Then they’d exchange information with the customer through files, emails, and photographs. When a problem occurred, shortening the time to repair and recovery was a major issue. To resolve issues, equipment parts were often replaced, and service engineers would need to physically visit and perform repair work. The travel and in-person work time of service engineers became costly to Yamaha Motors.

Miharu Masui, Chief of Information Services for the SMT Group of Yamaha Motors and his team couldn’t shorten the dispatching time of the service engineer. So, they decided to use Splashtop to shorten the time between the customer contacting them and identifying the cause. All before dispatching the engineer.

With Splashtop, Yamaha’s SMT Group can quickly capture accurate information about the root cause of a technical issue by remoting directly into SMT IoT devices. Prior to Splashtop, they had to verbally communicate the status of the operation screens and methods with the customer. This often led to a poor customer experience. Now, they can directly access the device, acquiring error history and operation logs. They’ve vastly improved CX by quickly and easily providing the full context of operations status and methods.

Now, Splashtop serves as the SMT Group’s core technology solution for remote maintenance services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

“We can acquire information securely and more accurately than before without losing any time, and quickly take the required next step on the customer’s equipment. Using Splashtop for remote support has significantly reduced the burden on our technicians as well as customers.” –Miharu Masui, Chief of Information Services, SMT Group of Yamaha Motors.

Splashtop augmented reality makes remote support even better

With the launch of Splashtop AR (augmented reality), product manufacturers and distributors have even more reason to leverage Splashtop Enterprise for remote customer support.

When a user encounters problems at a remote site, they can instantly share the camera of whatever device they’re using with a remote IT technician. The technician (and user) can then directly annotate on the screen. They each have their own designated color so they can tell who annotated what (see image below).

Benefits of Splashtop AR:

  • Reduce downtime: Resolve Problems Faster by remotely guiding on-site personnel to resolve issues with interactive AR annotations and two-way communication.

  • Increase technician productivity: Enable technicians to support multiple off-site locations and decrease truck rolls with remote diagnosis and troubleshooting capabilities.

  • Share knowledge and collaborate: Empower non-technical on-site personnel to fix problems and help apprentices in the field when they require Tier 2 technical guidance.

  • Enhance customer and employee satisfaction: Increase first call resolution by guiding employees or customers to fix technical issues with the help of an experienced remote technician.

Splashtop AR enhances remote support by giving off-site, expert technicians the ability to troubleshoot, recognize and solve problems as if they were there. Ultimately increasing efficiency and improving customer experience, while decreasing costs.

Enhance your customer experience by providing cost-effective remote support

Would your company benefit by providing the best value remote support with proven, advanced technology? Yes, without a doubt. Try Splashtop today and see how far you can take your remote customer support budget.

Improve your customer experience with Splashtop Enterprise today.


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