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How Remote Access Software Can Enable Telemedicine

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The pandemic has shaped the future of so many industries, none more so than healthcare. Over the past two years, telemedicine has become more important than ever as overcrowded hospitals work to free up space. According to the Economist, experts are predicting that hospitals will heavily rely on robotics and digital technologies in the next 25 years. In addition, telemedicine and remote healthcare will become standard practice, decreasing the need for in-person visits.

As the pandemic subsides and in-person visits become more viable, 50% of the American public plan on using telemedicine moving forward, according to Gallup. Telemedicine offers solutions to everything from rural healthcare to overcrowded hospitals. However, to provide efficient telemedicine, hospitals need reliable, secure, HIPAA compliant software.

HIPAA compliance

These days, everyone knows the term HIPAA, and they’re worried about their health providers compliance—even if they’re not entirely sure what that means. Splashtop keeps you HIPAA compliant by not processing, storing or accessing any of your data.

Splashtop never stores screen capture streams; they are only transmitted. On top of that all sessions are logged with timestamps and user, device and session information. Even if a doctor walks away from the computer and leaves a patient file up, their information is still safe with Splashtop. Our built-in remote session offers features like blanking the remote screen for privacy and persistent notification when the computer is being remotely accessed.

Additional security measures include:

  • Encrypted, securely stored user passwords

  • Device authentication enabled by default (with the option to turn on 2-factor authentication)

  • Single sign-on (SSO) integration

To keep your data safe every step of the way, Splashtop’s cloud security modules monitor and flag suspicious activities in real-time, 24/7. That's why we’re trusted by top healthcare institutions including Stanford Health Care, Harvard Medical School, Cleveland Hospital and the NHS.

“Splashtop utilizes stringent security procedures that keep our remote sessions and data secure.” - Jake Harrelson, Patient Navigator, Home Farm Family Medicine

Securely access your EHR system from anywhere

Splashtop enables both hospital employees and patients to remotely access the electronic health record (EHR) system from anywhere. Accessing the EHR system from a tablet rather than a stationary computer can save time and energy. It saves hospital employees the hassle of using bulky rolling computer stations and improves the patient experience.

Employees can access patient records, images, and files within their EHR system while moving from exam room to office, or even from home. Patients can avoid paperwork and human error by viewing and updating their standard patient and insurance information (stored within the EHR system) on a tablet or mobile device.

Home Farm Family Medicine, in Brattleboro, VT, needed a remote access solution that would simplify their work and keep them HIPAA compliant. Jake Harrelson, a patient navigator with the practice, oversaw their adoption of Splashtop to meet those needs.

“Staff members are utilizing [Splashtop] after hours or on weekends. We also have a workstation set up exclusively for remote access during working hours. This is used regularly, as we are in our initial location, which is not as big as we need on days when we are busy. I am also able to access the server and most of our office computers remotely and correct any problems that may happen without having to drive into the office on my time off.”

Minimize paperwork

For patients, office staff, doctors and nurses, paperwork is both necessary and frustrating. Filling out paper forms takes extra time in the office and increases the possibility of human error.

Using Splashtop, you can move that patient paperwork to a tablet or mobile device connected to your EHR. This saves your office staff valuable time, cuts the cost of office supplies, and reduces the chance of mistakes made during the transfer of information from page to software.

Secure access to research, lab data, and other applications from home

Working from home is more than just accessing and updating patient records. Whether you’re working in a small family practice, a teaching hospital, a research facility, or a lab, Splashtop gives you options to do your best work both onsite and off.

With remote access, you can remotely use specialized medical software systems running on high-end machines, including microscopes. This allows you to efficiently perform tasks like analyzing blood and tissue samples from anywhere.

Teaching hospitals can also offer students the opportunity to view real-time procedures remotely. This reduces the need for costly operating theaters and allows students to manage their time more efficiently. Students can even practice survey techniques by simulating surgeries with 3D graphics.

A secure remote access solution for healthcare professionals

Splashtop gives healthcare professionals the cutting-edge software they need to perform their best.

“As we’ve seen with the global pandemic, remote access is crucial to the success of any business, and we are pleased to be partnered with Splashtop. Their reliability, performance, and customer support have been exceptional in providing us, our customers and employees the necessary tools to keep important work moving forward, even remotely.” – Joel Nichols, Vice President of Information Systems, Quanterix.

Remote into office or lab computers from any device, anywhere. Try Splashtop Business Access today.

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